How is foundation fund management different from other institutional investment strategies?

If you're managing an in-perpetuity pool of capital, you should be as heavily oriented toward private asset strategies as possible. We are probably four standard deviations away from the norm with ... Show more

There are talks of a low-return environment in the next 5-10 years. How is your institution positioning itself with respect to that outlook?

Renee Hanna

Answered Apr 29

Timing the markets is not something we try to do at Baylor. We do assess the risk/return profile of each investment within the portfolio and will not participate when we do not feel we are adequate... Show more

What's something you can tell us about the future of institutional investment, as you see it?

An interesting observation from the U.S. large-cap universe is that matching the S&P 500 index in performance placed a U.S. manager in the top decile of the universe on a rolling three-year bas... Show more