There are talks of a low-return environment in the next 5-10 years. How is your institution positioning itself with respect to that outlook?

We agree that returns in the next 10 years are unlikely to match the returns experienced over the past 10 years. With interest rates at record low levels, we do not believe traditional fixed-income i… Show more

How is foundation fund management different from other institutional investment strategies?

I agree with Ed and his first sentence. The key words are "as possible." Every foundation must overlay that private asset strategy growth with the liquidity needs for its particular mission. We are w… Show more

Do you believe investors can do a better job of stress testing and/or planning for downturns?

There are a lot of things you cannot really plan for. I have heard some people refer to COVID as a "black swan" event. One of our investment committee members, who has been here for a long time, has … Show more

What's something you can tell us about the future of institutional investment, as you see it?

An interesting observation from the U.S. large-cap universe is that matching the S&P 500 index in performance placed a U.S. manager in the top decile of the universe on a rolling three-year basis… Show more