How do LPs think about impact investing in conjunction with ESG criteria?

SFERS does not have a carveout to target “ESG”, “sustainable”, or “impact investing” strategies. However, we are more than open to investing in impact strategies where they otherwise meet our risk/re… Show more

How is your organization getting involved in socially responsible and impact investment?

We’re still focused on trying to be leaders in socially responsible and impact investing. It's hard to do. We don't want to sacrifice returns, yet we want to have measurable impact&mdas… Show more

What is an example of an impact investment made by your team?

one of our impact investments is a pharmacy company in Africa. The original thesis of this investment was to provide safe pharmaceuticals to people in the region. But there was also a side business i… Show more

Climate change is not only an area of interest to social impact investors; climate-related startups have also been attracting funding at higher rates than other startups. What areas of VC look attractive to you as an impact investor with a focus on the environment?

Climate-related startups have a real opportunity to capture secular growth as the realities of climate change become more and more apparent. Whether involving technologies focused on climate mitigati… Show more

How do you perform diligence on potential social impact investments?

At DDCF, we have a collaborative environment that has been a great advantage in diligencing impact investments. I do my best to stay well informed about the work being done by our excellent grant-mak… Show more

How does your institution define impact investing?

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is a mission-driven organization. Our core mission areas (Environment, Child Well-being, Arts, Medical Research) have been the Foundation's focus for over two decades… Show more