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Reggie Sanders

Episode 11: Reggie Sanders, Director of Investments, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
In this episode, Reggie Sanders spoke with Trusted Insight about the trajectory of his investment career, how the W.K. Kellogg understands impact investing, and what he thinks institutional investors can do to achieve meaningful, positive change in bringing more diversity and inclusion to the financial ecosystem.

Published: Jul 22, 2021


Tim Recker

Episode 10: Tim Recker, Chief Investment Officer of the James Irvine Foundation
Trusted Insight speaks with Tim Recker, the chief investment officer of the James Irvine Foundation, about investment team organization, the VC-fueled technological revolution, cryptocurrencies, investing for an anti-racist foundation, and why he believes the venture and tech sectors are beginning to undergo a true democratization across geographies.

Published: Jul 14, 2021


Josh Rabuck

Episode 9: Josh Rabuck, Chief Investment Officer, Indiana University Health
Josh Rabuck of Indiana University Health spoke with Trusted Insight about the challenges of managing investments for the nation's fourth-largest academic medical system during a global pandemic. He also shared his views on strategic management for portfolios with multiple asset pools, how his team plans for stressful market events, and what he considers truly new developments in the investment landscape.

Published: May 28, 2021


Jenny Chan

Episode 8: Jenny Chan, Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
In this episode, Jenny Chan explains how an early interest in ESG and mission investing during her time at the Doris Duke Foundation led her to become CIO of one of the nation's premier children's hospitals. Jenny also shares her views on ESG and impact investment opportunities resulting from the new administration, and described how growing up in a family of refugees shaped her philosophy of institutional investment.

Published: May 13, 2021


Andy Greene

Episode 7: Andy Greene, Managing Director of Investments, Toronto Transit Commission Pension Fund Society
In this interview, Andy Greene offers Trusted Insight a glimpse into the Toronto Transit Commission's investment portfolio, team structure, and governance procedures, and also explains how his team responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, which paralyzed public transit systems and forced the furlough of transit workers across the world.

Published: May 04, 2021


Joseph Jacks

Episode 6: Joseph Jacks, Founder of Open Core Summit and Founder and GP of OSS Capital
In this episode, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Joseph Jacks spoke with Trusted Insight about commercial open source software, and why he believes COSS and other developer-focused technologies are shaping up to be the next SaaS. Jacks is the founder of Open Core Summit, an annual event focused on COSS entrepreneurship, and the GP of OSS Capital.

Published: Apr 14, 2021


Kim Lew

Episode 5: Kim Lew, CEO of Columbia Investment Management Company
Kim Lew spoke with Trusted Insight about her new role managing the investment team at Columbia Investment Management Company, which she joined in late 2020. In this episode, Kim shares her thoughts on COVID-19 dislocation and investment in China, and shares wisdom from her career managing investments for some of the nation's most renowned mission-based institutions.

Published: Mar 26, 2021


Leslie Lenzo

Episode 4: Leslie Lenzo, Chief Investment Officer of Advocate Aurora Health
In this episode, Advocate Aurora CIO Leslie Lenzo tells Trusted Insight what it was like to lead the investment team at the nation's 11th-largest health care system during a global pandemic. She also explains Advocate Aurora's efforts to lead by example in creating a more diverse and inclusive society.

Published: Mar 09, 2021


Johara Farhadieh

Episode 3: Johara Farhadieh, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer of the Illinois State Board of Investments
In this episode, Johara Farhadieh tells Trusted Insight about what makes her team an industry leader in enhancing diversity in the investment sector, and how diversity contributes to ISBI's success. In 2020, the American Investment Council ranked ISBI #1 in private equity returns among public pension funds.

Published: Jan 28, 2021


Prabhu Palani

Episode 2: A conversation with Prabhu Palani, CIO of the City of San José Retirement System
In this episode, Prabhu Palani speaks with Trusted Insight about navigating pandemic-related market dislocations, as well as how San José's governance structure helps his team attract and maintain top talent in institutional investment. The City of San José was was one of the top-performing public pension plans in 2020.

Published: Jan 14, 2021


Joel Wittenberg

Episode 1: A conversation with Joel Wittenberg, CIO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. 
In this episode, Joel Wittenberg of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation talks with Trusted Insight about how he became the CIO of the nation's fourth-largest foundation, how Kellogg evaluates its mission-driven investments, and why diversity and inclusion are so important to the Kellogg Foundation.

Published: Dec 09, 2020