How are your assets distributed, and how is your team organized to manage them?

Wyoming Retirement System manages about $10B on behalf of all public employees in Wyoming. The structure of the investment team is for one senior person and one junior person to have coverage respons… Show more

There's a lot of talk in the financial media about active management underperforming market averages over the long haul. How do you defend active management?

Han Pham

Replied Oct 16

We've been told by consultants and other experts that it's hard for active public equity managers to outperform. We made several high conviction investments, and added several hundred basis points ab… Show more

How do investors at pensions and insurance companies ensure adequate returns over the long term?

Asset liability management is always key for us. We focus on asset-liability matching (ALM), because the worst thing that can happen to a private pension, a public pension plan, or an insurance compa… Show more

What are some of the challenges a public pension system faces with regard to venture?

Venture capital is a tough space for us to access. Given our total assets under management, we really need to make commitments that are $50 million or greater. It's tough for venture to move the … Show more

What is the profile of Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement System (PA PSERS)?

James Grossman

Replied Apr 03

The Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System, also known as PSERS, was founded in 1917 with the passage of a state law. Two years later, PSERS opened with the merger of 13 school distr… Show more