How is your team managing due diligence during the pandemic?

WRS has been fairly active in terms of adding new managers since the pandemic started. We have the flexibility to continue due diligence and make new investments without the requirement of an onsit... Show more

How have LPs gone about sourcing and doing diligence on managers for investments in China?

We believe we're partnered with the best managers globally, and we pay attention to their signals. They will help us identify the most attractive geographies, sectors, and trends. We initially broa... Show more

How do you perform diligence on potential social impact investments?

At DDCF, we have a collaborative environment that has been a great advantage in diligencing impact investments. I do my best to stay well informed about the work being done by our excellent grant-m... Show more

What kinds of questions should LPs be asking venture fund managers?

There is typically a lot of emphasis on fund managers' access, value add, and portfolio construction. LPs should be asking fund managers more about picking and decision making. LPs should probably ... Show more