How do LPs view the current private equity landscape?

As institutional assets continue to grow, more investors are flooding private equity funds in search of excess return. While the market has become incredibly frothy, we still see attractive opportuni… Show more

How does your team view the current private equity and venture landscape?

Global money supply growth and quantitative easing have created asset price inflation across the world. Specific to PE, record fundraising has been fueled by investors chasing returns that have excee… Show more

What are some of the challenges a public pension system faces with regard to venture?

Venture capital is a tough space for us to access. Given our total assets under management, we really need to make commitments that are $50 million or greater. It's tough for venture to move the … Show more

In private equity, how do you go about cutting through the noise and picking the winners?

First off, we generally focus on the lower middle market. We avoid the funds playing in the mega-cap space, and we like smaller managers. This applies to how we approach buyout and growth equity stra… Show more