What career advice do senior LPs have for women in finance who aspire to leadership positions?

I entered the business of investments at a time when, if I were in a room with my fellow investors, I was the token female. If I looked to my right and my left, it was rare to see someone else that... Show more

What opportunities does the Biden administration and its proposed climate plan portend for climate-focused investors?

Globally, countries are adopting policies and regulations that will support a move to a low carbon economy in alignment with the 2015 Paris Accord. In the US, the Biden Administration has committed... Show more

How do LPs view the current private equity landscape?

Private equity has been under a lot of pressure for a while now, mostly due to all the capital that's being raised across all sub-strategies—globally, from venture to growth to buyouts. Anywhere yo... Show more

How has COVID affected LP forecasts and strategies?

We're still trying to figure out what a post-COVID world looks like. What's clear is that all the trends that we were seeing pre-COVID have accelerated. That certainly works out well for most digit... Show more

Private equity firms are divesting from fossil fuels and pivoting toward renewables. From a purely market standpoint, just how risky are fossil fuel investments going forward?

Science makes it abundantly clear that our economy must dramatically reduce its dependence on fossil fuels over the next 10-25 years. Our firm assumes that demand for oil and gas products will see ... Show more

How is your organization reacting to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic?

Even in our most draconian models, we never imagined a period of investment market turbulence at the same time as a sustained global health pandemic impacting hospital operations. It was a challeng... Show more

How is your organization looking at private credit and other alternative asset classes going forward?

The private markets allocation at the State of NJ pension serves as a performance enhancer in our portfolio. And given the low-interest-rate environment, private markets serve an important role in ... Show more

How do LPs who oversee private credit think about risk management in that asset class?

I think about risk management at three levels. First, on a micro basis, for each individual investment we consider, we examine the potential risks as well as potential offsetting mitigating factors... Show more

How have LPs gone about sourcing and doing diligence on managers for investments in China?

We believe we're partnered with the best managers globally, and we pay attention to their signals. They will help us identify the most attractive geographies, sectors, and trends. We initially broa... Show more

What criteria, aside from total carbon footprint, do you use to determine whether or not an asset is sustainable or unsustainable?

Sustainable investing means investing in companies that both recognize their role in addressing the systemic global challenges in our rapidly changing world and are preparing to help solve those ch... Show more