What will happen to liquidity in the private market in 2020?

Liquidity will dry up from an exit standpoint as well as capital deployment from LPs. Just like the last recessions, there will be fewer IPOs and M&A; during a recession. Very different from the la... Show more

Many LPs agree that the next 10 years will continue to be a low-return environment. Are there any value-add strategies that LPs are implementing in the next decade?

We are considering over the next decade increasing our allocation to emerging markets, specifically China. Allocating to these emerging markets will provide opportunities for incremental returns in... Show more

Recently we're dealing with the COVID-19 situation and we don't really know what to expect in the near term. How do LPs manage this at your organization? Can you share your experience?

The economic impact of COVID-19 has been significant, and we continue to see the effects resonate across all asset classes within our portfolio. The recent spike in volatility and the momentum in w... Show more

What are some of the challenges and hurdles you face in investing through the lens of a large traditional institution as CVC?

The piece that we are focused on, that can be challenging sometimes, is that we are a large regulated institution. We are one of the few systemically important institutions to the financial system ... Show more

We had the Tokyo Summit in 2019, and the highlight was the collaboration between new innovative startups and then large corporations, traditional players. How can we help foster more collaboration?

I believe that trend will persist because there's a general recognition that innovation is happening much faster. It's harder for large companies to attract the talent coming out of univers... Show more

Many CVC peers are focusing on co-creation strategies. What are your efforts when it comes to that department?

Yes, the interesting thing about Citi Ventures is there's really four pieces to it. There's the Citi Ventures investing team, which is the team that I'm part of. We report into the Chie... Show more

What is role of a Managing Director at a CVC?

Hi Matt: I would like to reconnect CitiVentures with some of our portfolio companies.   Who may we get in touch with in PAlto ?    I did only one deal with Citi CFO Office and its e... Show more

As a GP, and given C19, when is a good time to start fundraising for your next fund?

I have mentioned earlier in one of my response in terms of liquidity on the LP side. Capital Deployment from LPs will dry up because of denominator effects, in which their public markets have gone ... Show more

What are some good companies that have started in the last recessions?

Historically, the economic downturn has been a catalyst for the rising of the best companies. General Electric: 1890 IBM: 1896 General Motors: 1908 Disney: 1923 Toll House Cookies: 1933... Show more

What sectors do you expect to be impacted by COVID19?

We think all businesses will be impacted across all sectors. Some might be hit harder and earlier than others. Some actually benefit from COVID 19 outbreak. There will be domino waves of effects... Show more