What's your strategy for creating a unique and strategic posture that helps you find the right managers for your funds?

Wyoming Retirement System (WRS) invests 100% externally, and we do so in a fairly concentrated manor. In my view, the best thing we can do as allocators is to resist “filling boxes” … Show more

How are your assets distributed, and how is your team organized to manage them?

Wyoming Retirement System manages about $10B on behalf of all public employees in Wyoming. The structure of the investment team is for one senior person and one junior person to have coverage respons… Show more

What geographical regions are most exciting as investors look ahead?

While SSMH does not make tactical allocations to dedicated geographies, Southeastern Asia and Latin America are areas with attractive future growth prospects. Additionally, China’s rapidly growing mi… Show more

How do you balance returns against ESG criteria? In other words, are there different thresholds for an investment’s success depending on its environmental sustainability rating?

Our mission is focused on “securing, protecting and prudently investing the pension Trust assets, administering mandated benefit programs, and providing promised benefits”. All our ESG initiatives mu… Show more

How do LPs who oversee private credit think about risk management in that asset class?

While private credit is another part of the market which has become flooded with capital and emerging funds, like public credit investing it ultimately all comes down to strong credit underwriting. F… Show more

How does venture fit into your organization's overall portfolio?

Philip Rotner

Replied Jun 10

With regard to investment areas, we don't think along the lines of strict asset classes; rather, we talk about investment strategies. People talk about this asset class or that asset class. I find it… Show more

How has your institution adjusted allocations over the past several years?

Philip Rotner

Replied Jun 10

One of the first things we did at Children's was build a proprietary investment model, what we call a portfolio design model. Some people might call it an asset allocation model. We use the portfolio… Show more

How do LPs think about impact investing in conjunction with ESG criteria?

SFERS does not have a carveout to target “ESG”, “sustainable”, or “impact investing” strategies. However, we are more than open to investing in impact strategies where they otherwise meet our risk/re… Show more

How do LPs view the current private equity landscape?

As institutional assets continue to grow, more investors are flooding private equity funds in search of excess return. While the market has become incredibly frothy, we still see attractive opportuni… Show more

How is your organization getting involved in socially responsible and impact investment?

We’re still focused on trying to be leaders in socially responsible and impact investing. It's hard to do. We don't want to sacrifice returns, yet we want to have measurable impact&mdas… Show more