How do investors at pensions and insurance companies ensure adequate returns over the long term?

Asset liability management is always key for us. We focus on asset-liability matching (ALM), because the worst thing that can happen to a private pension, a public pension plan, or an insurance com... Show more

Where should LPs be looking for new opportunities in VC? Are there geographical regions or specific verticals that stand out as primed for investment?

StepStone's analysis of Preqin data says that 31% of the top 5 vintage funds were first-time funds, and 51% were funds raised by firms less than 5 years old. This confirms the reporting from Cambri... Show more

How is your firm applying new technologies to enhance investments?

´╗┐On the operation side of the house, we're exploring ways in which we can automate some of the processes that are taking place. Things as simple as entering valuations into our system. Now there ar... Show more

How is foundation fund management different from other institutional investment strategies?

If you're managing an in-perpetuity pool of capital, you should be as heavily oriented toward private asset strategies as possible. We are probably four standard deviations away from the norm with ... Show more

What does investment strategy look like for corporate venture capital investors?

The most fundamental questions for a CVC program to get right is understanding what your objectives are before you go about launching a program, or when someone new is taking over the program. Ther... Show more

What's your firm's geographic allocation strategy for venture capital?

Mark Sherman

Answered Jun 23

Typically we're investing 70% in the U.S., and the other 30% in other parts of Asia, with China being the largest piece. I think we're likely to just keep that strategy pretty similar. We'll see th... Show more

Corporate venture capital investors: what level of involvement do you seek with the companies where you invest?

BP Ventures is very active on the portfolio management side of things. It's our aim to take a board seat on every investment we make. We've had to make concessions in the past, but I don... Show more

How is your organization reacting to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic?

In terms of whether we took advantage of the changing landscape due to COVID-19 market sell-off, the short answer is no. Although we came into the year defensively positioned with a large allocatio... Show more

How are you thinking about emerging market investments, particularly with regard to the shifting dynamics between the United States and China?

China venture capital has been one of the areas that I have focused on in the past couple of years. In terms of broad private equity allocation, we have been gradually increasing our venture capita... Show more

There are talks of a low-return environment in the next 5-10 years. How is your institution positioning itself with respect to that outlook?

Renee Hanna

Answered Apr 29

Timing the markets is not something we try to do at Baylor. We do assess the risk/return profile of each investment within the portfolio and will not participate when we do not feel we are adequate... Show more