How are endowment and foundation LPs planning ahead for the next 5-10 years?

Rush Harvey

Replied Nov 19

We continue to believe that innovation at the earliest stages is a great place to put long-term capital. Early-stage venture (traditional seed) will be a focus for us. We have and will invest in pr... Show more

What geographical regions are most exciting as investors look ahead?

We agree that Israel offers an exciting investment opportunity and we have partnered with multiple firms there that we are excited about. We also continue to be interested and excited about the opp... Show more

How are endowments and foundations thinking about opportunities in venture capital?

Timothy Milanich

Replied Nov 17

We've done a lot of direct deals on the early-stage side, some funds on the later-stage side, and everything in between. Our initial idea, in 2012, was to plan for seed-stage venture to be 5% or 10... Show more

As COVID-19 continues to reshape traditional business practices, how can LPs and GPs work together to establish trust in new partnerships?

LPs could generate good will with GPs by committing early, and building real partnerships, rather than waiting to commit until the final close.  

Climate change is not only an area of interest to social impact investors; climate-related startups have also been attracting funding at higher rates than other startups. What areas of VC look attractive to you as an impact investor with a focus on the environment?

Climate-related startups have a real opportunity to capture secular growth as the realities of climate change become more and more apparent. Whether involving technologies focused on climate mitiga... Show more

As a foundation investor, what kind of governance structures are you looking for in the companies in which you invest directly, and what kind of support are you able to offer them?

When underwriting any new investment manager we always evaluate the firm's governance structure and are specifically looking for a strong alignment of interests between management and investors. If... Show more

How is your organization reacting to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic?

´╗┐The University as a whole took it seriously early on, because we were in touch with the hospital systems in Boston. Brandeis spent the first six weeks making sure everybody wound things down safel... Show more

How has the pandeic affected real estate investment?

We believe people will still want to travel, which is why we think there will be value in certain hotels. We believe that people will continue to want to go out and be with other people, so we thin... Show more

How is foundation fund management different from other institutional investment strategies?

Jonathan Hook, CIO

Replied Oct 29

I agree with Ed and his first sentence. The key words are "as possible." Every foundation must overlay that private asset strategy growth with the liquidity needs for its particular mission. We are... Show more

How do you perform diligence on potential social impact investments?

At DDCF, we have a collaborative environment that has been a great advantage in diligencing impact investments. I do my best to stay well informed about the work being done by our excellent grant-m... Show more