How has your institution adjusted allocations over the past several years?

We have been altering the portfolio slightly. A couple of years ago, we were a little bit over-allocated to venture (within the private equity portfolio, not at the total plan level). We've been tr... Show more

How is your organization supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives?

I would say Hawaii ERS is one of the most diverse I've ever worked at. I'm used to being one of the only females in the room, but here we've got diversity of gender, ethnicity, education, backgroun... Show more

Private equity firms are making fewer new investments in fossil fuels and are pivoting toward renewables. From a purely market standpoint, just how risky are fossil fuel investments going forward?

Among the other trends that Covid-19 may have accelerated is the move away from fossil fuels. It remains to be seen if and how demand rebounds over the next few years, but there are more and more c... Show more

How is your team managing due diligence during the pandemic?

WRS has been fairly active in terms of adding new managers since the pandemic started. We have the flexibility to continue due diligence and make new investments without the requirement of an onsit... Show more

What are some sector(s) that you and the team are most excited to invest in the next 3-5 years?

Over the last few years, we have worked to increase the geographic diversification of our portfolio across both public and private markets, committing to funds that operate in higher growth markets... Show more

What criteria, aside from total carbon footprint, do you use to determine whether or not an asset is sustainable or unsustainable?

Fundamentally we believe that the world – from a regulatory and technological perspective – is moving towards one that is lower carbon and eventually net-zero carbon. So, for us, an asset is sustai... Show more

What are some of the pros and cons of using an outsourced CIO?

In terms of governance, OCIOs can provide best practices for developing roles and responsibilities for internal staff, committee members, and the OCIO. Proper governance is critical for the efficie... Show more

How has your role and responsibilities evolved since joining the Rockefeller University in 2012?

I started at Rockefeller as a Senior Analyst after completing a three-year analyst program at a fund of hedge funds. One of the things that attracted me to the job opportunity at Rockefeller was th... Show more

How do you measure the carbon footprint of your assets?

In March of last year, SFERS was one of the first US investors to announce our ambition to be a net zero greenhouse gas emissions asset owner by 2050. This reflects an ambition to invest in alignme... Show more