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2019 top 30 list

Top 30 Private Equity, Venture Capital Investors

As allocations to alternative investments continue to snowball, institutional investors plan to pour more money into the asset classes that provide lucrative returns: private equity and venture capital. What we are finding is that the ... Read More

Top 30 Foundations Investing In Diversity

Foundations are at the frontline of addressing the constantly changing needs of societies locally and globally. This time around we decided to create a list of institutional investors representing foundations making an internal and external impact ... Read More

Previous year top 30 list

Top 30 Institutional Investors In The Midwest

The institutional investing universe is often looked upon as an industry defined by return metrics and scandals. This time around, we are highlighting 30 senior-level investment professionals tasked with incorporating long-term investment strategies at sophisticated ...

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Top 30 Public Pension Institutional Investors

U.S. public pension systems operate in a very fluid and ever-changing investment environment, facing a low-return setting, addressing the raging ‘war for talent’ and dealing with criticism from media outlets. Nonetheless, these government entities ... Read More

Top 30 Middle East Asset Allocators

The Middle East, or more specifically the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), is often recognized as having one of the highest proven reserves of both oil and gas, globally. The economic boom in this region has ...

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Top 30 University Endowment Rising Stars

Like all branches of institutional investing, university endowments require individuals with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. It takes high-achieving and seasoned investment professionals to successfully perform manager sourcing, comprehensive due diligence and monitoring. By ensuring ...

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