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Top 30 Public Pension Institutional Investors

U.S. public pension systems operate in a very fluid and ever-changing investment environment, facing a low-return setting, addressing the raging ‘war for talent’ and dealing with criticism from media outlets. Nonetheless, these government entities ... Read More

Top 30 Middle East Asset Allocators

The Middle East, or more specifically the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), is often recognized as having one of the highest proven reserves of both oil and gas, globally. The economic boom in this region has ...

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Top 30 University Endowment Rising Stars

Like all branches of institutional investing, university endowments require individuals with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. It takes high-achieving and seasoned investment professionals to successfully perform manager sourcing, comprehensive due diligence and monitoring. By ensuring ...

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Top 30 Foundation Chief Investment Officers

Private foundations are at the forefront of supporting social causes while ensuring long-term prosperity for their respective institutions. This list highlights 30 foundation chief investment officers who have successfully built or led investment teams tasked ...

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Top 30 Real Estate Investors At Family Offices

Family offices tend to operate on a more subterranean level through philanthropic endeavors, political activism and funding new, and sometimes moonshot, investments. While most family offices created their wealth in other industries (chemical, retail, technology ...

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Top 30 Insurance Chief Investment Officers

Insurance firms are often recognized for their massive $10+ trillion pool of capital and consistent cash flows. Historically, banks have been at the heart of middle market lending but times have changed since the passing ...

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