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Top Institutional Investors At Insurance Companies

The modern insurance business is hundreds of years old and developed into an integral part of the global financial system. Insurance companies are traditionally considered among the most conservative institutional investors because their investments support ... Read More

Top Private Credit Institutional Investors

In the years since the global financial crisis, private credit has emerged as an asset class unto itself. Institutional investors with comfortable liquidity have devoted significant attention to private lending as a way to secure ...

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Top 30 Foundation Chief Investment Officers

Foundation institutional investors are tasked with improving the quality of educational funding, health care, and research grants, all while protecting the long-term prosperity of their respective institutions. This time around we are highlighting 30 foundation chief investment officers ... Read More

Top 30 Endowment Chief Investment Officers

This time around Trusted Insight highlights chief investment officers and deputy chief investment officers that oversee endowments with sizable pools of long-term capital. Their responsibilities in running investment offices help fund their education system's technology ... Read More

Top 30 Pension Private Equity Investors

Institutional investors such as public pensions have long locked up their capital in the private equity asset class and will continue to do so as they grow their private book. In today's market, it takes ... Read More

Top 30 Corporate Venture Capital Investors

Traditional players such as health and insurance companies, media corporations, and tech giants are some of the largest entities overseeing massive pools of capital. Within those large traditional entities, you find corporate venture capital groups ... Read More

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