How does venture fit into your organization's overall portfolio?

Philip Rotner

Replied Jun 10

With regard to investment areas, we don't think along the lines of strict asset classes; rather, we talk about investment strategies. People talk about this asset class or that asset class. I find it… Show more

How are endowments and foundations thinking about opportunities in venture capital?

The venture market and asset class will continue to be a large driver of performance for the endowment and the market overall. Our venture portfolio has been the best performing asset class at the en… Show more

How does your team view the current private equity and venture landscape?

Global money supply growth and quantitative easing have created asset price inflation across the world. Specific to PE, record fundraising has been fueled by investors chasing returns that have excee… Show more

Where should LPs be looking for new opportunities in VC? Are there geographical regions or specific verticals that stand out as primed for investment?

Our investment themes are innovation and inefficiency. We have very flexible wheels to implement our top-down themes. For example, those two things led us to China, India, and the U.S., region-wise. … Show more

How does venture complement a portfolio oriented more toward the long term?

Jill Frankle

Replied Nov 24

If you look at venture capital, it is a long-term asset class. The time from initial investment to exit for many venture companies ranges between 6 and 8 years. We believe it is important to consiste… Show more

How do corporate venture capital investors define what is strategic and relevant for their firms?

Jill Frankle

Replied Nov 23

When evaluating prospective opportunities, it is classic due diligence: Has the company established product–market fit? Are there beta customers or a pipeline of customers that you can speak with to … Show more

As COVID-19 continues to reshape traditional business practices, how can LPs and GPs work together to establish trust in new partnerships?

LPs could generate good will with GPs by committing early, and building real partnerships, rather than waiting to commit until the final close.  

What are some good companies that have started in the last recessions?

One of the partners at OSS Capital and the world's leading Open-Source IP/licensing attorney, Heather Meeker, authored this piece on "Investing in the Red Zone."… Show more

How can LPs take a more active role in supporting venture fund managers?

LPs could develop programs that can help seed new fund managers with appropriately sized checks, help fund managers get in business with deal warehousing facilities, and have specific efforts to supp… Show more

Where are foundations and endowment LPs looking for new opportunities in VC investment?

Amy Chen, CIO

Replied Oct 19

In the last year we've allocated to Europe more than other international markets. European venture has been much more attractive from a value-orientation than the U.S. It's much more focused on reven… Show more