What is your team doing with respect to rebalancing allocations as a result of the COVID-generated economic turbulence?

We've held our target allocation steady throughout. So late in the first quarter of last year, an understandable argument would have been to pull back on equity exposures and be more conservative. ... Show more

How has your institution adjusted allocations over the past several years?

We have been altering the portfolio slightly. A couple of years ago, we were a little bit over-allocated to venture (within the private equity portfolio, not at the total plan level). We've been tr... Show more

How has your institution's strategic allocation changed over the course of the last two decades?

It has been a wholesale change from a consultant-driven 60/40 portfolio to a dynamic, opportunistic investing model with the majority of the portfolio in alternative investments. We made our first ... Show more

What portion of your organization's assets are included in your ESG program?

The short answer is 100%. Fundamentally we believe that environmental, social, and governance factors can have a material impact on the value of companies and securities, as well as the macroeconom... Show more

Did you see any rethinking or rebalancing of the asset allocation strategy?

In the 2008 crisis, for a variety of reasons, the Institute determined that it was appropriate to de-risk the endowment. Of course, the problem with de-risking is not only do you have to make a dec... Show more

What's your firm's geographic allocation strategy for venture capital?

Mark Sherman

Replied Jun 23

Typically we're investing 70% in the U.S., and the other 30% in other parts of Asia, with China being the largest piece. I think we're likely to just keep that strategy pretty similar. We'll see th... Show more