Climate change is not only an area of interest to social impact investors; climate-related startups have also been attracting funding at higher rates than other startups. What areas of VC look attractive to you as an impact investor with a focus on the environment?

Climate-related startups have a real opportunity to capture secular growth as the realities of climate change become more and more apparent. Whether involving technologies focused on climate mitiga... Show more

How do your organization's guiding principles or mission statement affect diligence and selection of fund managers?

´╗┐We focus on partnering with managers who have a strong moral compass. We look for partners who are curious, interested, and aligned with our mission and the programs we support. In many instances,... Show more

How is your organization addressing ESG criteria for investments?

Han Pham

Replied Oct 16

We have an annual update on ESG every October and we sometimes get some feedback at that meeting. Over the past few years, SFERS has developed a highly regarded ESG platform. In the past, the SFERS... Show more

How is your institutional mission connected to its investment practices?

The Weinberg Foundation's mission supports various underprivileged and impoverished populations. An area of the investment program that ties into the Foundation's mission is our Diverse Manager pro... Show more