How are endowments and foundations thinking about opportunities in venture capital?

The venture market and asset class will continue to be a large driver of performance for the endowment and the market overall. Our venture portfolio has been the best performing asset class at the en… Show more

As a foundation investor, what kind of governance structures are you looking for in the companies in which you invest directly, and what kind of support are you able to offer them?

When underwriting any new investment manager we always evaluate the firm's governance structure and are specifically looking for a strong alignment of interests between management and investors. If w… Show more

How is foundation fund management different from other institutional investment strategies?

I agree with Ed and his first sentence. The key words are "as possible." Every foundation must overlay that private asset strategy growth with the liquidity needs for its particular mission. We are w… Show more

How do your organization's guiding principles or mission statement affect diligence and selection of fund managers?

We focus on partnering with managers who have a strong moral compass. We look for partners who are curious, interested, and aligned with our mission and the programs we support. In many instances, w… Show more

How is your institutional mission connected to its investment practices?

The Weinberg Foundation's mission supports various underprivileged and impoverished populations. An area of the investment program that ties into the Foundation's mission is our Diverse Manager progr… Show more

Tell us about the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and its investment office.

Doris Duke was the daughter, only child of J.B. Duke. Anything that was named Duke was pretty much her father, Duke Energy, Duke University, The Duke Endowment, another big foundation down in the Car… Show more

Can you share more about The Dietrich Foundation and your role there as CIO?

The Dietrich Foundation is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was formed following the death of Bill Dietrich in 2011. Bill was a truly remarkable industrialist who ran Dietrich Industries, a ste… Show more

Can you tell us about the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and its investment office dynamic?

The Moore Foundation is a $7 billion foundation. The original grant was given by Gordon and Betty Moore, and Gordon was the founder of Intel. We've been around since 2001, so we are relatively young … Show more