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2021 Top Public Pension Investment Directors

Public pensions serve a critical role in society. All too often, they’re only in the news when beneficiaries or taxpayers are displeased. At Trusted Insight, we lift up the stories of institutional investors who are quietly going beyond their benchmarks to deliver outsize returns for their beneficiaries. This year’s Top Pension Fund Investment Directors list honors the work of pension LPs who have been leading today’s most successful and innovative pension programs.
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Park Avenue Just Might Have Monopoly On Spiffy New Office Space

Nobody knows when the city will truly be "post-pandemic," but when it finally beats the virus woes for good, Park Avenue -- that is, the blue-chip commercial zone between East 42d and East 59th streets -- will be ready for it. The corridor is in the midst of a $32 billion, public and private investment...
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Site Centers Ceo David Lukes Explains How The Pandemic Is Reshaping Retail | Nareit

REITs invest in the majority of real estate property types, including offices, apartment buildings, warehouses, retail centers, medical facilities, data centers, cell towers, infrastructure and hotels. The third-annual report of the REIT industry's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance details the state of sustainability efforts in the publicly traded U.S. REIT industry. Nareit's research team provides their perspectives on the past 15 months and a look ahead at the next 12 to 18 months.
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Is Pfizer Fairly Valued?

Pfizer (PFE) stock has been among the under-performers in the last 12 months. Even with the positive tailwinds related to the vaccine against COVID-19, the stock has trended higher by just 12% during this period. Considering several business catalysts and forward valuation, it seems that PFE stock is undervalued. While the broad markets trade near all-time highs, Pfizer stock trades at an attractive forward price-to-earnings-ratio of 11.0. (See Pfizer stock charts on TipRanks) In the foreseeable future, the company's vaccine against COVID-19 is likely to be the revenue and cash flow driver.
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Should You Own (maybe Just A Little) Bitcoin

Is crypto the (new) trade of our lifetime? I ask this question as the price of Bitcoin (BTC-USD) -- a proxy for all cryptocurrencies -- has fallen almost 50% since mid-April, from $63,000 to $32,000. (I'll get to the parenthetical "new" in a second.) We may even be heading into another so-called crypto winter, where the price of Bitcoin falls precipitously and stays down for some time. But here's the rub: Heretofore each downturn has been followed by the price of the coin recovering and then going on to greatly exceed its previous high.
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Crypto Hedge Fund Argentium Names New Cio

London-based crypto hedge fund Argentium Digital Asset Management has named Jerome Dupuy as its new chief investment officer. Dupuy, an industry veteran with more than 30 years' expertise, specialising in relative value trading, was already a senior adviser at Argentium with a focus on volatility. He began his career at Societe Generale before moving to JPMorgan to run equity derivatives for the Asia-Pacific region. He then joined Lehman Brothers, running volatility trading across Asia Pacific for the firm in Tokyo.
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Navigating The Venture Capital Product Matrix

Each investor will have to approach the startup frenzy with adequate caution. : Startups are booming. Markets are flush with liquidity and are piling in cash into both early-stage and growth-stage companies. Even some loss-making startups are getting valued at thousands of crores at the IPO counters. This amount of buzz, the number of headlines and the sheer amount of interest has never been witnessed in the Indian markets. Naturally all the investment intermediaries are focusing on this space; from the biggest multi-family offices right down to even retail distribution houses and brokers. Accessing the opportunity: Investors are obviously excited.
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Before You Invest In Nps, Understand Its Risks, Liquidity And Cost

For investing in NPS, you must make many choices, including the fund to invest in, and active and auto options.
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Chinese Education Debacle: What Xi Is Trying To Achieve

Watching the share prices of U.S.-listed companies like New Oriental (EDU) and TAL Education (TAL) get crushed in the face of new government policy may lead one to wonder whether China is trying to own the Americans, even at the cost of its own economy.
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Asset Disposal Plan For Infrastructure Definition

An asset disposal plan keeps a municipalities infrastructure functioning when infrastructure and other property are retired,: An asset disposal plan documents the activities and costs associated with the disposal of infrastructure assets. An asset disposal plan is typically part of a comprehensive asset management plan used by local governments and municipalities to manage their portfolio of infrastructure assets such as roads and bridges, water distribution networks, wastewater systems, and other utilities.
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Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc (kpti): Are Hedge Funds Right About This Stock?

Hedge funds and large money managers usually invest with a focus on the long-term horizon and, therefore, short-lived dips or bumps on the charts usually don't make them change their opinion towards a company. This time it may be different. The coronavirus pandemic destroyed the high correlations among major industries and asset classes. We are now in a stock pickers market where fundamentals of a stock have more effect on the price than the overall direction of the market. As a result we observe sudden and large changes in hedge fund positions depending on the news flow.
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