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5hours ago

How W.K. Kellogg Foundation Pairs Data-Driven Mindset With High-Performing Team Culture | Carlos Rangel, Vice President & Chief Investment Officer | Q&A

Carlos Rangel is the vice president and chief investment officer of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF). Previously, he served as director of investments and led the foundation’s Expanding Equity program, after joining the foundation in 2010 as a portfolio manager. In this interview, he discussed the importance of laying the groundwork to be a data-driven team, how the WKKF focuses on leadership development, and the Foundation’s 90-year experience and capacity-building in diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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Magruder Eye Institute And Chicago Pacific Founders Launch Strategic Growth Partnership Via Ascend Vision Partners

ORLANDO, Fla. and CHICAGO, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago Pacific Founders ("CPF"), an investment adviser that manages private equity funds, focused exclusively in value-based care innovation, healthcare services, and AI and tech enabled healthcare services with offices in Chicago...
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Modulate Closes $30M Series A Funding Round

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Modulate, a leader in the fight against online toxicity, today announced the completion of a $30 million Series A funding round.
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Fdrr: A Dividend Etf Built For Rising Rates, But Should You Buy? (nysearca:fdrr)

Peak inflation? That was the question put forth by Hoya Capital on Friday, as key economic data rolled in suggesting the worst of our inflation woes are over. The cure for higher prices may indeed be higher prices after all, as the cost of crude oil now sits below $90 per barrel, and the Producer Price Index fell for the first time since April 2020. Personally, I'm on the fence and trying to play both sides of the market from a fundamental perspective.
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Warren Buffett Boosts Big Tech Bets As Other Billionaires Dump Stocks

"The Oracle of Omaha" bought stocks despite mounting fears of a market crash. : Berkshire Hathaway boss Warren Buffett doubled down on his Big Tech bets during the second quarter - even as other billionaire investors sold off their holdings as fears mounted about a market crash. The firm headed by the "Oracle of Omaha" added nearly four million shares of Apple stock during the three-month period ending in June, an SEC filing late Monday revealed. At the time, the tech-heavy Nasdaq had fallen into a bear market, defined as a decline of 20% or more off a recent high.
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Investors Slam Wework Founder Adam Neumann's 'disgusting' Comeback

Tech investor Jason Calacanis floated the idea that Neumann's new company -- which is set to start operating next year -- could be a "scam."
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Ceres Launches New Investor-led Effort To Move The Biggest Corporate Water Users And Polluters To Value And Act On Water As A Financial Risk | Justmeans

64 initial institutional investors representing $9.8 trillion in assets under management commit to engaging with companies to drive sustainable water leadershipAug 16, 2022 9:30 AM ETTweet This: Today, Ceres is launching the Valuing Water Finance Initiative--a global investor-led effort backed by 64 investors with $9.8 trillion AUM that are committed to engaging the biggest corporate water users and polluters.
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Adam Neumann Goes From Flop To Flow

Adam Neumann is riding high on a unicorn, and Masayoshi Son is apologizing for vaporizing billions of dollars. It's easy enough to understand the urge to go back in time, after the past few years of pandemic trauma and turmoil. In the world of venture capital, though, there's a familiar pattern to the way history repeats itself. Often it involves powerful men failing upwards. Neumann, for those who may have forgotten, is the hard-partying founder of WeWork.
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Pennsylvania's Acre Law Protects Farmers From Unauthorized Municipal Regulation | Mcnees Wallace & Nurick Llc

In Pennsylvania, agriculture has provided approximately $83.8 billion in direct economic output, 280,500 jobs and $10.9 billion in earnings. Needless to say, agriculture is a major industry in the Commonwealth. The Agricultural, Communities, and Rural Environmental Act, commonly referred to as "ACRE," is one of several statutes that protects agriculture at the state level....By: McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC.
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Tiger Global Bets On A Potato Producer Committed To 'potatovation'

The hedge fund has a $12.8 million position in the potato producer, which touts its commitment to "potatovation" on its website.
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Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund Buys $7-bn Us Stocks Amid Recession Fears | Business Standard News

The $620 billion Public Investment Fund also added to positions it held in Facebook Inc. owner Meta Platforms Inc., PayPal Holdings Inc. and Electronic Arts Inc. in the second quarter.
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