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Crypto News Recap: Uae Doubles Down On Cbdc & Metaverse

This week in the Crypto News Recap, UAE is on the right track to becoming a crypto powerhouse with new CBDC success and heavily investing in metaverse migration...
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Micron: Slowing Cloud Server Capex Means Equipment Cuts For Applied Materials (nasdaq:mu)

In my Semiconductor Deep Dive Marketplace newsletter to subscribers yesterday on cloud capex cuts by hyperscaler companies, I discussed the impact on two points: (1) Cloud revenues and capex and (2) Micron's (NASDAQ:NASDAQ:MU) actual financial metrics compared to main competitors Samsung Electronics (OTCPK:SSNLF) and SK hynix (OTC:HXSCL). However, in this abridged article to non-subscribers, I still want to address cloud revenues and capex. But instead of competitive financial metrics, I want to refute the report from Bank of America today that cuts by hyperscalers will benefit Applied Materials (AMAT) and Lam Research (LRCX).
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The Europe Energy Crisis Is Forcing A Century-old Hungarian Theater To Close Its Doors For The Winter | Fortune

Exponentially rising energy bills have made heating the 1,800-seat building unsustainable. : A theater in Hungary's capital will sit through a cold and quiet winter after its managers chose to shut it down rather than pay skyrocketing utility prices that are putting a squeeze on businesses and cultural institutions across Europe.The 111-year-old Erkel Theatre in Budapest, one of three performance spaces of the prestigious Hungarian State Opera, will close its doors in November after exponentially rising energy bills made heating the 1,800-seat building unsustainable."We had to decide how we can save," said Szilveszter Okovacs, director of the Hungarian State Opera.
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Heat-loving Bacteria From An Antarctic Volcano Could Help Tackle Oil Contamination

A comprehensive analysis of bacterial communities from Deception Island, an active volcano in Antarctica, highlights the potential for using heat-loving bacteria to clean up oil contamination, new research led by KAUST researchers shows.
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Almost 70 Percent Of Hedge Funds Have Ytd Outflows As The Industry Sheds $146B

Investors redeemed $10.5 billion in assets from hedge funds in August, while performance-based losses amounted to $8 billion. : Hedge funds have now shed almost $150 billion in assets year to date as August brought continued redemptions and performance-based losses. However, despite their struggle, hedge funds generally protected investors from the August volatility. Data from With Intelligence shows a flat return of 0.2% overall, compared to the S&P 500's -4.2% return.
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Tycoons Of Tomorrow 2022: Pratik Gandhi, Mithila Palkar Say Ott Has Redefined Entertainment, Talent

OTT has broadened the scope of actors to taste success with talent, say popular stars. : Explore from India`s leading investment managers and advisors curating their strategies as smallcases. Pre-configured baskets of stocks & ETFs that you can invest in with a single click. Developed by hedge funds, global asset management companies, experienced wealth management firms and portfolio managers.
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Germany's 200 Billion Euro Energy Subsidy Risks Destabilizing The Eu

Investment thesis: With the latest news of Russia-EU gas pipelines blowing up, there is no longer any doubt about the fact that Europe is going on a severe energy diet for the foreseeable future. The big question now is how the necessary demand destruction will play out. Germany's 200 billion euro plan to shield its own consumers from high energy prices in effect helps to shift some of the energy demand destruction that will occur in the EU to the consumers of other nations, especially the ones that are fiscally weaker.
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Ipo Update: Building Dreamstar Technology Readies $25M Ipo (pending:bds)

Shenzhen, China-based Building DreamStar Technology (BDS) was founded to provide real estate as a service to enterprises of all sizes as well as other related professional services. Management is headed by co-founder and Chairman Houde Li, who has extensive experience in the venture capital investment industry and general management field. The occupancy rate of the co-working spaces fell from 81% at the end of 2020 to 73% at the end of 2021. Building DreamStar has received at least $20.2 million from investors in the form of equity and another $24.4 million in debt from related parties.
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Esg Certification: Assisting In Mitigating Greenwashing For Investors, Managers, Funds And Regulators | K2 Integrity

There have been numerous positive developments in the evolution of ESG investing. Still, the research needed to assess which investments are truly ESG-compliant and which are tantamount to greenwashing is burdensome......By: K2 Integrity.
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The Twenty Minute Vc (20vc): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch: 20vc: Rippling's Parker Conrad On The Four Main Benefits From Building A Compound Startup | Why There Should Never Be A Trade-off Between Speed And Quality | How Zenefits Gave Parker A Chip On The Shoulder And Why That Is So Important?

Parker Conrad is the Founder & CEO @ Rippling, the company that lets you easily manage your employees' payroll, benefits, expenses, devices, apps & more--in one place. To date, Parker has raised over $697M for Rippling from some of the best including Sequoia, Founders Fund, Greenoaks, Bedrock, Kleiner Perkins and Initialized to name a few. Prior to founding Rippling, Parker was the Co-Founder and CEO @ Zenefits and if that was not enough, Parker is also a prominent angel having invested in Census, Pulley and then also AgentSync and TrueNorth, alongside 20VC Fund.
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Victor Grifols Roura Decides To Retire As Chairperson; Grifols Appoints Private Equity Veteran Steven F. Mayer As Executive Chairperson

Victor Grifols Roura, who devoted 50 years to building Grifols in senior roles including CEO for 30 years, retires as non-executive Chairperson and is designated as Chairperson of Honor in recognition of his numerous contributions Steven F. Mayer, former Co-Head of Global Private Equity...
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