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April 07, 2020

The Public Employees Retirement Association Of New Mexico Focused On 'Innovative And Creative Structures' | LeAnne Larrañaga-Ruffy, Director Of Equity/Co-Head Of Alpha | Q&A

LeAnne Larrañaga-Ruffy is the Director of Equity/Co-Head of Alpha at the Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico and oversees the Global Equity portfolio which is approximately $5.5 billion and includes liquid and illiquid assets. In this interview, LeAnne discussed why it's an exciting time to be a team member at PERA; seeking innovative and creative structures that will enhance value within the fund; and handling the economic impact of COVID-19 across all asset classes within the portfolio.
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Safest Dividend Yields

Firms with strong core earnings will be able to sustain their dividends. : If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! Cash is king, especially in a severe economic decline. Only firms with strong core earnings will be able to sustain their dividends. I do the diligence on core earnings to measure the reliability of dividend yields. I recently featured the Riskiest Dividend Yields. Safer dividend stocks are this week's Long Idea. My firm's Robo-Analyst[1] identifies firms with attractive dividend yields and the cash flows to sustain them.
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Law Firms Flock To Litigation Funders Amid Covid-19 Outbreak | Daily Business Review

Some litigation funders are seeing a flood of inquiries from law firms as they brace for the economic and litigation realities of life after the global pandemic.
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Remote Learning Is A Disaster But Not For Everyone.

Who should be worried about their kids falling behind? : Slate is making its coronavirus coverage free for all readers. Subscribe to support our journalism. Start your free trial. Parents across the U.S. are stressed right now about pretty much everything, including how extended school closures will affect their kids' learning. But the nature of parental concerns runs the gamut.
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Newmontis Ramps Up Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- In the past two weeks, Trevor Nelson, President of Newmontis Real Estate Investment Banking, and Campus + Main, has been very busy. In late 2019, he sold the majority of his 50% stake in a $400,000,000 retail real estate advisory firm that he had co-founded nearly a decade earlier. He had left the day-to-day of that firm a few years prior to focus on campus-adjacent developments and traditional multifamily investing. For the past couple years his firms had been very cautious in their growth, as they feared values were unsustainable.
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Bluerock Capital Markets Announces Monthly Record Capital Inflows In March Of $150 Million; Company Focusing On Virtual Relationship Management And Heightened Communication During Covid-19 Uncertainties | Benzinga

NEW YORK, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluerock Capital Markets, LLC ("BCM" or "Company"), a distributor of institutional alternative investment products, and the dedicated dealer manager for Bluerock Real Estate ("Bluerock"), announced today a new monthly record capital raise of approximately $150 million in the month of March; a 23% increase over the same period last year. The Company reported total capital inflows for the quarter of approximately $396 million.
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Let's Give Tech Philanthropists The Benefit Of The Doubt On Covid-19 - Techcrunch

We've spent so long asking tech to turn its attention to real-world problems. Let's not complain when they do so now.
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Investment Advisor Vs. Stockbroker: How Do You Choose?

There's a ton of cash tied up in the global stock market and knowing where to get help investing their money is a big advantage for Main Street investors. All told, global stock exchanges hold a capitalization of $85 trillion in U.S. dollars at the beginning of 2020, although that figure is taking a monumental hit amid the coronavirus crisis. In 2009, that figure stood at just $25 trillion. With all that money on the line, it pays for regular investors to know where to find the right money manager to steer them to portfolio success.
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Meet Billionaire Bill Ackman, Who Made Billions Off Coronavirus Crash

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Bill Ackman made $2.6 billion off a controversial bet that the coronavirus would crash the stock market last month. Ackman was accused of making inflammatory remarks during an appearance on CNBC with the intention of moving the markets to increase his profits but denied it in a press release. Ackman, worth $1.6 billion, has a history of making controversial bets. He has a vast portfolio of luxury real estate and was the subject of an investigation by the New York District Attorney's Office in 2003. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.
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Startup Guided By 'deep Empathy For Truckers'

TrueNorth, a carrier and software service for independent truckers, announced a $3 million raise this week amid a pandemic that has heightened awareness of the essential role truck drivers face in meeting society's basic needs. read more.
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With Accounts In Good Order, Germany Will Be A Post-coronavirus Winner | Business Standard News

Fiscally sound governments will be able to pump money into their companies unhindered by state-aid rules. : Elena Carletti Marco Pagano Loriana Pelizzon & Marti G Subrahmanyam | Bloomberg Last Updated at April 9, 2020 22:49 IST All great economic crises pose two equally important challenges: they drain the liquidity necessary for the functioning of businesses, large and small, and burn up their equity capital, or a substantial part of it. Of the two, the former is the immediate challenge amid the coronavirus-induced lockdowns.
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