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As Southeast Asia Muzzles Media, Investors Do Business As Usual - Nikkei Asian Review

As well as being able to load content faster than ever before, you'll now find it's much easier to find all the content you need about the Asian business world. BANGKOK -- The arrest last week of a high-profile journalist in the Philippines and a gag order against a Thai television station are the latest reminders that Southeast Asia's press freedoms rest on the whims of governments.
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Tech Hedge Fund Beats Nasdaq By Looking For Key Inflection Points

(Bloomberg) -- Lucrative opportunities in technology stocks center around identifying shifts from an old way of doing things to a better way, like from email to instant messaging or from phoning in food orders to doing it online. Investing with that in mind for nearly a decade has helped Silicon Valley-based Light Street Capital beat the Nasdaq, according to Barron's in its May 27 issue. Since its July 2010 inception, the firm's long-short strategy has topped the Nasdaq's 17.5% net annualized return with one of 19.1%.
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Foreign Buyers | Brazilian Real Estate Investors

Brazilian multimillionaire Ricardo Bellino lived more than 10 years in Miami before relocating to Portugal, which has emerged as a haven for affluent Brazilians. Bellino, 53, who bought a home near Lisbon, will gain from a flat income-tax rate of 20 percent in Portugal, where he also may be eligible for a tax-free pension after he retires. He told Bloomberg his relocation to Portugal from Miami enabled him to reside in "a tax haven that [...]
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More Passive And Fewer Active Funds = More Opportunities

While the shift from active to passive funds has widely been seen as bad for active fund managers in general, the cloud does have a silver lining. Managers of one well-invested fund of funds have pointed out some interesting angles [...] The post Hedge Fund Managers Fear Credit Bubble Explosion appeared first on ValueWalk.
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Startups Weekly: Vcs Are Drunk On Beverage Startups - Techcrunch

In this week's newsletter: Y Combinator has a new president, DoorDash raises $600M and startups go on acquisition sprees. : Hello and welcome back to Startups Weekly, a newsletter published every Saturday that dives into the week's most noteworthy venture deals, fundraises, M&A transactions and trends. Let's take a quick moment to catch up. Last week, I wrote about an alternative to venture capital called revenue-based financing and before that, I jotted down some notes on one of VCs' favorite spaces: cannabis tech. Remember, you can send me tips, suggestions and feedback to or on Twitter @KateClarkTweets.
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Qia Invests In Sirius Minerals

A listed company on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Sirius Minerals plc is a fertilizer development company based in the United Kingdom. Revealed in filings, the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) acquired a 3.3% stake in Sirius Minerals as part of its US$ 425 million share placing at the end of April 2019. Sirius Minerals is [...]
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Warren Buffett Has Just About Given Up On Beating The S&p 500

Not even the Oracle himself can reliably pick stocks. : Warren Buffett, one of the most successful stock pickers of all time, really wants you to stop picking stocks. It's counterintuitive, I know. But that's what Buffett told the Financial Times in a recent interview.
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Book Bits | 25 May 2019 | The Capital Spectator

* A Brief History of Doom: Two Hundred Years of Financial Crises By Richard Vague Summary via publisher (University of Pennsylvania Press) Financial crises happen time and again in post-industrial economies--and they are extraordinarily damaging. Building on insights gleaned from many years of work in the banking industry and drawing on a vast trove of [...]
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Real Estate Investor Makes $11,875 A Day In Profit On Koenigsegg Supercar

When commercial real estate investor Manny Khoshbin spent $2.2 million on the fastest production car in the world, he had no idea it would very quickly also become the fastest-appreciating asset he'd ever own.
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It's Never Been Easier To Head A Company, And The Pay Keeps Rising | Business Standard News

CEO pay increased at almost twice the rate of ordinary wages. In 2018 - a pretty good year for the labor market - the average American private-sector worker got a 3.2 per cent raise.
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Crypto Funds, Lending And Market Manipulation

The growing practice of asset lending by crypto hedge funds could add systemic risk to the sector if we are not vigilant, argues Noelle Acheson.
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