How is your organization reacting to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic?

This has been an interesting situation because the distress in the markets this year was only about a four-week event. It was so short-lived that if you hadn't prepared for it in advance, it wa... Show more

How has COVID affected LP forecasts and strategies?

We're still trying to figure out what a post-COVID world looks like. What's clear is that all the trends that we were seeing pre-COVID have accelerated. That certainly works out well for most digit... Show more

Do times like these look familiar to you as an investor? What's different apart from the pandemic?

I think it's always easier to go through these things the second time, rather than the first. This crisis, obviously, looks very different, but our team's experience helps. We've done two things: m... Show more

What sectors do you expect to be impacted by COVID19?

We think all businesses will be impacted across all sectors. Some might be hit harder and earlier than others. Some actually benefit from COVID 19 outbreak. There will be domino waves of effects... Show more

What type of recession recovery shape do you expect for COVID19 Impact?

Although the public markets have picked up, I do not think we will have a V-shaped recovery. Mc Kinsey has created the below for COVID-19 impact spread, I think we might potentially have a virus co... Show more