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10 Most Important Reads Of The Week - Feb 3, 2017

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It has been an eventful week, and it's easy to fall behind. Here are the 10 most important reads of the week.

The Death Of Second-Tier Private Market Funds | Exclusive Q&A. Neal Graziano is a director of investments at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, which manages $3.5 billion in assets. In this Q&A, Graziano focuses on the evolution of markets following the 2008-2009 financial crisis and how that spells the likely death of lower tier private equity and hedge funds and the industry standard two-and-twenty fee structure.

Why Harvard's Endowment And Its Peers Are Switching Gears | Video. Harvard University's endowment fund, which is the largest in the world, is planning to make big changes to its investment approach. Here's why Harvard and many of its endowment peers are making similar moves.

Soros Family Office Hires New CIO From Hedge Fund. Soros Fund Management, the family office of George Soros and his family, has hired a new chief investment officer. She joins from UBS, where she headed a hedge fund and multi-asset investment group in the Swiss bank's asset management division.

Family Offices Increasingly Direct Invest In Early-Stage Venture. The trend is for a substantial percentage of single-family offices directly investing in technology start-ups not to invest in Unicorns, but to invest in “foals.” It’s fair to say that many single-family offices represent “smart money.”

Why U.S. College Endowments Lost 1.9% In Worst Showing Since 2009. U.S. college endowments suffered their biggest loss since the financial crisis, dragged down by global stocks, hedge funds and natural resources, according to an industry survey released Tuesday.

January's Top 10 Venture Capital Deals. The venture capital community started 2017 with several star deals in January. Here is a quick summary of the ten biggest venture deals closed in January.

Sequoia Capital Quietly Announces Leadership Change As Partner Jim Goetz Steps Back. Prominent venture firm Sequoia Capital has famously handled well its transitions from one powerful team of investors to the next.

Blackstone President: US Real Estate Market 'Softer'. The Blackstone Group’s real estate business continued to grow in the fourth quarter of 2016, but the company’s president Tony James cautioned that investment opportunities could be harder to come by as the market matures.

What AppDynamics' $3.7B Exit Means For Other Unicorns. AppDynamics was supposed to be tech's first big IPO of 2017 on Thursday--but it got bought by Cisco for $3.7 billion in the 11th hour. Here's what the deal means for the tech IPO window moving forward--and why it could be a huge year for more M&A.

Why Family Office Consortiums Are Such Successful Investors. By coordinating their efforts, single-family offices gain a significant advantages. One result is superior investment performance. Consequently, the establishment of family office consortiums is becoming a powerful trend.