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Exploring A New Private Equity Model

For more than a year, CalPERS has undergone thoughtful research and analysis of new approaches to the private equity portfolio. Private equity has been CalPERS' highest returning asset class over the past 20 years, including a 16.1 percent return in fiscal year 2017-18. We believe we can increase returns even more by implementing innovative approaches to this important asset class. A direct model allows CalPERS to better source and take advantage of investment opportunities in private equity. As the Fund grows, this model helps CalPERS maintain the target of investing about 10% of the total portfolio in private equity.
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Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer Donates Another $10M To Trump Impeachment Efforts | The Daily Caller

He calls Trump 'reckless and dangerous and lawless': Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer is hoping an additional donation of $10 million to two of his organizations, ones with goals to impeach President Donald Trump, will help flip the House in favor of the Democrats in November. Steyer made his announcement Monday in a livestream for participants of his Need to Impeach organization, which claims on its website to have nearly 6 million voters signed on as of press time. This $10 million donation will add to the $110 million he has already pledged ahead of November's elections, Bloomberg reports.
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Dexon Receives $20M In New Funding With Proven Performance

NEW YORK, Aug.13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The DEXON Foundation, which guides the development of the revolutionary decentralized protocol, DEXON, is announcing today a $20 million private placement led by IDG Capital. IDG Capital is a venture capital firm that has had more than 150 successful ...
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Ayman Ismail Archives

Crowdfund InsiderTagged: ayman ismailCrowdfund InsiderFintech software provider Temenos (SIX: TEMN) has partnered with The Venture lab at The American University in Cairo (AUC Venture Lab) a prominent startup accelerator in Africa and the MENA region. Temenos will support Fintech innovation in Egypt by ...and more >>
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Gv's Krishna Yeshwant On Skepticism In Biotech And Healthcare Investments

GV general partner Krishna Yeshwant uses a healthy amount of skepticism when vetting potential companies to invest in. His favorite time to invest is when one of his partners at the fund is excited about a particular company, even if nobody else is. "That's universally where we've had the best returns." In one instance, the GV team couldn't agree on its plan to invest in Foundation Medicine -- recently acquired by Roche -- and the skepticism from partners within the firm didn't stop. "We continued to disagree all the way through investing in the company," Yeshwant said.
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Why Your Health-care Costs Are So High -- Even If You're Insured

More than 4 in 10 adults with workplace insurance coverage said they were surprised by the high cost of their medical expenses in the last year. About a fifth of those with insurance through their employer said they or an immediate family member skipped a doctor's visit due to worries about cost.
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Hedge Funds Managers Arm Themselves In A Race For Alpha

It is no secret that the vast majority of investors, including hedge funds managers, have underperformed market indices over time. However, some managers have distinguished themselves generating very strong risk-adjusted returns.
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A Tale Of Two Scandals, With A Rich Trump Donor, Kickbacks And A Playboy Playmate

The motorcade of President George W. Bush curled through the lush streets of Bel-Air one night in October 2006 and slowed to a stop at the Colonial Revival mansion of Elliott Broidy. It was a big moment for Broidy, certifying his arrival in the upper tier of Los Angeles wealth and power. He'd summoned...
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Odyssey Energy Seeks $500M To Build Out Pipeline Of 550 Mini-grids | Greentech Media

Odyssey Energy Solutions, a Colorado-based renewable energy investment platform, is seeking $500 million for a pipeline of 550 mini-grids across Africa, Asia and Latin America. If funded, the projects could add up to 150 megawatts of solar capacity and 275,000 connections across 21 countries, including Cameroon, Cape Verde, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, India and Kenya, said Odyssey in a press release. Around 50 developers have listed projects on the Odyssey platform, with individual project values ranging from $40,000 to $3 million.
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Hedge Funds Arms Race For Alpha | Allaboutalpha: Alternative Investing Trends And Analysis | A Finance Blog About Private Equity, Commodities, And Other Alternative Asset Classes.

By Don Steinbrugge It is no secret that the vast majority of investors, including hedge funds managers, have underperformed market indices over time. However, some managers have distinguished themselves generating very strong risk adjusted returns. Outperforming an index requires an information advantage over what is broadly available in market. ItRead More.
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