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China Is Committing 'crimes Against Humanity' With Its Treatment Of Uyghurs In Xinjiang, Human Rights Group Says

The group said China is justifying its repression in the language of a "global war on terrorism." HRW said Chinese authorities are committing "crimes against humanity," but didn't label it genocide. In the name of a "People's War on Terror," the government of China has waged a campaign of repression against largely Muslim minorities in the province of Xinjiang, arbitrarily detaining as many as 1 million people in a network of prison facilities where torture and forced labor are routine, a leading human rights group said Monday.
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30 Under 30 Asia: These Startups Are Bringing Alternative Meat To The Region

As healthy eating habits take off rapidly across Asia, several startups on this year's 30 Under 30 list, including Hong Chichi's Hey Maet, are seeking to capitalize on the trend by bringing alternative protein-based food to consumers in metropolises from Seoul to Shanghai.
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Hedge Funder Who Lost Famous Buffett Bet Sticks To His Guns On Active Management

Ted Seides, hedge fund investor and host of the popular "Capital Allocators" podcast, tells ThinkAdvisor what makes a good active manager.
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Winners Of $20M Contest Make Concrete To Trap Carbon Dioxide

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) -- Organizers of a $20 million contest to develop products from greenhouse gas that flows from power plants announced two winners Monday ahead of launching a similar but much bigger competition backed by Elon Musk. Both winners made concrete that trapped carbon dioxide, keeping it out of the atmosphere, where it can contribute to climate change. Production of cement, concrete's key ingredient, accounts for 7% of global emissions of the greenhouse gas, said Marcius Extavour, XPRIZE vice president of climate and energy.
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China's Xi To Deliver Speech; Fast Money Inflows: Boao Update

(Bloomberg) -- China's President Xi Jinping will address the annual Boao Forum Tuesday and his video speech will touch on the risks and challenges the world is facing, and what solutions his country offers to overcome them. China's top financial watchdog is keeping a close watch over hedge fund inflows to safeguard financial stability as the nation seeks to attract foreign capital and opens its capital markets, Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at the forum on Monday.
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Profit Higher Ed's Renaissance: The Case Of Coursera

For-profit higher education is reviving in America, albeit in a somewhat different form, including innovative companies like Coursera and 2 U.
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Why Illinois Is In Trouble - 122,258 Public Employees Earned $100,000+ Costing Taxpayers $15.8B Despite Pandemic

Illinois public employees earning $100,000+ increased sharply during 2020.: Illinois public employees and retirees with $100,000+ paychecks grew from 109,881 (2019) to an all-time high of 122,258 in 2020 - costing taxpayers $15.8 billion. Congressional "bailouts" made it possible. The recent $1.9 trillion American Rescue Act provided an additional $13.5 billion to Illinois state and local governments. (Look up your hometown here -- $350 billion flowed to states and 30,000 communities.) Our auditors at compiled the list of six-figure earners from Freedom of Information Act requests.
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Biden's Expansive Infrastructure Plan Is Economically Justified

President Biden's $2 trillion-plus American Jobs Plan has lots of support for traditional infrastructure, but also funds for workforce development, high-speed broadband, child care facilities, and $400 billion expanding care for the elderly and disabled.
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Lady India Hicks Shares Touching Tribute To Duke Of Edinburgh | Daily Mail Online

Lady India Hicks shared a tribute to the late Duke of Edinburgh on Instagram in which she hailed his mixture of 'teasing and unexpected kindness' one of the Royal Family's most valuable assets.
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Will Inflation Trip Up Emerging Economies?

Inflation is rising, and rates may continue to follow. In particular food price inflation is pushing higher and this, together with COVID is a threat to emerging economies.
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