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Citi Announces New Impact Fund Investments In Seven Companies

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Citi announced today its next round of investments through the Citi Impact Fund, a $200 million fund launched last year to invest in companies that are addressing some of the biggest societal challenges. The new companies included in this round are Clerkie, KETOS, MedHaul, Perch, Shift, Superpedestrian, and Vyv. They join four portfolio companies previously announced in September 2020: Fulcrum BioEnergy, ICON, PadSplit, and The Mom Project. "In just its first year, th.
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Three Of The Most Dangerous Stocks For 2021

Just as I did last year, I'm starting 2021 by looking at my worst-performing Danger Zone picks. : close up shot of a digital stock market tracking graph follwing a recent crash in prices. Bear ... [+] market 3D illustration Just as I did last year, I'm starting 2021 by looking at my worst-performing Danger Zone picks (as I recently did with my Long Ideas from 2020). The strong rise in these stocks in 2020 makes them even riskier in 2021. Wayfair, Inc. (W), Tesla (TSLA), and Snap (SNAP) are my three Danger Zone lowlights from 2020.
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Emerging Markets Stocks Topped Last Week's Rally In Risk Assets | The Capital Spectator

Shares in emerging markets led a broad rally in global shares last week, based on a set of exchange traded funds representing the major asset classes through Friday's close (Jan. 22). The week's losses were concentrated in foreign bonds and commodities. Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets (VWO) rallied 2.9% last week, marking the ETF's fourth consecutive [...]
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University Of Iowa Investment Officer Kevin Dalmut Dies At 39

Kevin Dalmut died at the age of 39. Dalmut was an investment officer for the University of Iowa Center for Advancement's US$ 1.1 billion endowment. He died on Tuesday and there is no cause of death revealed publicly. Kevin Dalmut passed on January 19th, 2021. Dalmut was with the university endowment since July 2019. Before [...]
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Pharma: Biden Freezes Trump's Lower Cost Insulin And Epinephrine Rule

Big pharma is smiling big right now. The big three insulin producers are Eli Lilly and Company, Novo Nordisk A/S, and Sanofi S.A., in which they dominate more than 90% of the world insulin market by value. After swearing-in, U.S. President Joe Biden's HHS froze the Trump administration's December 2020 drug policy that mandates community [...]
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Today's Virtual Care Revolution: How Policy Has Shaped And Will Continue To Shape Telehealth

We think of telemedicine as a relatively recent invention--only made possible by the internet and smart phones--but I had my first taste of it 60 years ago.
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Xp Health Launches With $5M In Total Seed Funding To Deliver A New Standard For Vision Benefits To Employers

XP Health Launches with $5M in Total Seed Funding to Deliver a New Standard for Vision Benefits to Employers PALO ALTO, Calif., January 21, 2021-- XP Health, the world's only artificial intelligence-powered vision benefits platform covering employees and their families, today announced it has raised a total of $5 million in seed round funding led by Valor Capital Group, a Softbank-invested venture capital fund. Valor Capital is backing XP Health to support the company's growth plans, which include further developing its AI technology and scaling its R&D and engineering teams.
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Should Politics Play A Role In Our Investments?

With a new administration just beginning, Commonwealth CIO Brad McMillan reflects on how he thinks about politics and investments. : With yesterday's inauguration of Joe Biden, it seems the perfect time to consider the role that politics may play in our investments. Over the past weeks and months, politics has been a hot topic. Undoubtedly, we can expect the economy to change and the markets to react as policies and priorities shift. Many are worried about the outcome of the election--and many others are excited.
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The Biden Administration, Global Covid Recovery & Organizing A $2T Infrastructure Strategy?

Think about it: the biggest challenge in global leadership is also the most urgent, leading the massive global recovery from Covid. If the hole that Covid has dug for us in the rich countries is deep, then the problem in emerging markets - that vast swath of our world where 85% of the people ...
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Day-trader Frenzy For Trendy Stocks Is Defying Decades Of Losses

Day traders getting rich buying trendy companies from solar power to cloud computing are defying two decades of money-losing history in ETFs that follow the approach. Stuffed with overvalued stocks, exchange-traded funds targeting the hottest investment themes actually lost as much as 5% per year on a risk-adjusted basis between 2000 and 2019, according to new research. It should serve as a reminder that good times don't last, yet the speculative euphoria surrounding thematic funds keeps growing. One out of every three dollars flowing to U.S. equity ETFs in January has gone to the sector at $12.6 billion in total.
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