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Sam Altman Openai Ceo: Regulation? Ai, Says Openai Ceo Sam Altman, Et Telecom

Altman, who was previously president of Silicon Valley’s famed Y Combinator accelerator, said he’s cognizant of the advantages and dangers of OpenAI, including potential misuse by dictators leading to serious geopolitical implications. He pointed out that generative AI will need more regulations, with parallels to nuclear power and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
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Sequoia’s Brand Change May Lead The Way For Other Companies

Sequoia's decision to split itself in three prefigures a changing world and may be a marker for other companies to follow.
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Disc Medicine: Soaring On Epp Data, Limited Market Opportunity

Disc Medicine (NASDAQ:IRON) shares are having a fantastic year so far. The stock has risen in value by >165%, and is currently priced at $47, valuing the company at $934m at the time of writing. The hematologic disease specialist obtained its Nasdaq listing via a reverse-merger with Gemini Therapeutics, a failing, SPAC-listed biotech in the midst of a strategic review, beginning trading on a 1-10 reverse split basis on 30th December 2022. Disc was able to raise $53.5 from numerous biotech venture capital firms including OrbiMed, Atlas Ventures, 5AM Ventures, Novo Holdings, Arix Bioscience, Rock Springs Capital, and Janus Henderson.
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Silicon Valley Hidden Figures Rush To Preserve Forgotten Black History

Black Americans are leading the fight to chronicle and preserve their historic role in building Silicon Valley's tech industry before time runs out.
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Pomelo Care Secures $33M Seed And Series A

NEW YORK, NY, Pomelo Care, a virtual medical practice that improves maternal and newborn health outcomes, has announced $33 million in Seed and Series A funding.
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Laudio Pulls In $13M Series B Funding Round

BOSTON, MA, Laudio, the management solution for healthcare, has raised a $13 million Series B funding round.
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Curve Finance Ceo Egorov Sued By Three Defi-focused Venture Capital Firms

Michael Egorov, the CEO of decentralized finance (DeFi) firm Curve Finance, is being sued for fraud by venture capital firms ParaFi Capital, Framework Ventures and 1kx in the U.S.
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Tifin Amp Spinoff Raises $10M In Series A Funding

A new board, independent of TIFIN, has been created. : TIFIN Asset Manager Platform announced the close of a $10 million Series A round and the creation of a new board independent from its parent company on Thursday. Leading the round is Motive Ventures, the venture arm of Motive Partners. TIFIN’s Series D funding round in May 2022 also included Motive Partners. Alvi Abuaf, a partner at Motive, will serve on the new TIFIN AMP board.
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'moral Force' Propublica Under Fire For Taking Millions From Secret Donors

The nonprofit newsroom claims to "shine a light" but has accepted millions in anonymous donations. Conservatives say its named donors like George Soros and its stories are left-leaning.
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Ev Financing Startup Revfin Bags $5 Mn Debt Funding From Dfc

Electric vehicle (EV) financing startup Revfin on Friday said it has bagged a debt funding of $5 Mn from the…
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Chatgpt Creator Sam Altman Backs British Lab-grown Pork Company Uncommon

Sam Altman, the chief executive of ChatGPT maker Open AI, has invested in Uncommon, a Cambridge-based company that is growing bacon and pork belly from animal cells. Uncommon claims to use patented technology to create bacon and pork belly from a single animal cell, eliminating the need for antibiotics, animal products, and reducing the materials needed to make the meat. Mr Altman, 38, is best known for the AI chatbot ChatGPT. However, he has invested in numerous companies, primarily in technology and energy, including Reddit, Patreon, Helion Energy, and Elon Musk’s brain-chip company Neuralink.
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