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VC Recap: LPs See Less Exits, More Mega Funds; China, Russia Launch Joint VC Fund

by trusted insight posted 5years ago 6776 views
Introducing Trusted Insight's Venture Capital Recap, a compilation of the most important venture capital news of the previous day. Here are the stories you may have missed:

PE & VC-Backed IPO Activity Drops 48% YoY

Through 3Q, US-headquartered companies had raised just $7.2 billion across 49 completed offerings, but with political uncertainty possibly contributing to market volatility, will IPOs be able to rebound in 2017? Read more

Two Trends That Are Transforming Venture Capital

The VC landscape has morphed into a barbell structure, with lots of small funds on one end and a handful of large, megafunds on the other, with few moderate-sized funds in between. Read more

Andreessen Horowitz's Vijay Pande On Software Driving The Healthcare Market

It's not exactly surprising that a partner of a venture capital firm with a tagline that "software is eating the world" thinks the same could be said for the drug industry. Read more

Baring Private Equity CEO Predicts Indian Private Markets Post Demonetization, US Election

Two major events shook the Indian equity markets earlier this week: The Indian government's demonetization of high-value notes and the surprising outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election. Read more

Russia, China Grow Closer With Launch Of Joint $100M Venture Capital Fund

The Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF) and Chinese corporation TUS Holdings are launching a joint Russia-China Venture Fund (RCVF) with a targeted size of up to $100 million. Read more