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Family Offices' Investments In China To Cool Down Amid Regulatory Crackdown

Family offices are cautious about China's growth and remain wary of committing more investments to the country as a survey from UBS showed a heightened reluctance from such clients to increase their allocations in the mainland.
Read by 64% of LPs December 02, 2021

China's VC Giants Take Aim At Climate Tech

Venture capital fundraising in China is cooling off as investors weigh how to navigate the country's new regulatory regime. One strategy that's taking shape: VC firms are aligning themselves with Beijing's strategic goals by planning big bets on climate-friendly industries.
Read by 44% of LPs November 02, 2021

Venture Capital Hasn't Given Up On China

China's listed internet-technology companies are reeling from this year's regulatory crackdown. But that hasn't stopped the action in the private markets: Investors are still charging into many of the country's technology startups.
Read by 51% of LPs October 28, 2021

Investors Put Money In Chinese Startups Despite Regulatory Crackdown

Venture capital investment in China rose in the third quarter, bringing year-to-date totals to more than all of 2020, multiple data sources show. The investor interest came even as the quarter began with an onslaught of regulation from Beijing.
Read by 77% of LPs October 13, 2021

Venture Capital Is Going To Need Record-Breaking Run Of IPOs

The Exchange is digging into the Chinese venture capital market this week, but getting folks to chat about business and China on the record is turning out to be slightly harder than anticipated.
Read by 71% of LPs September 23, 2021

Carlyle CEO Says Firm Is Committed To China

Carlyle Group Chief Executive said that the U.S. private equity firm will remain a long-term investor in China despite"bumps" that have unnerved some investors. Beijing authorities have rolled out restrictions in the last few weeks on companies, including those in the technology sector.
Read by 33% of LPs August 31, 2021

Next Big Investment Hub For Unicorns, And It's Not China

The New York-based investment firm Tiger Global is roaring aloud and investing billions of new dollars in the Indian startup ecosystem. It's target: unicorns, companies with at least $1 billion in valuation.
Read by 31% of LPs August 27, 2021

China Stocks Rise As Investors Bet On Further Stimulus

China shares rose on Friday after investors took comfort in the central bank's move to make its biggest weekly cash injection into the banking system since February, and as local authorities urged more financial support for retail and trading firms.
Read by 44% of LPs March 24, 2021

Global Hedge Fund Investors With $812B Prefer Asia

Hedge funds focused on Asia are predicting a surge of new money from North America and Europe as investors move away from overvalued U.S. assets to tap the early pandemic recovery in China and other parts of the region.
Read by 70% of LPs February 04, 2021

Ease Of Access To China A Priority For Investors

It is becoming easier for foreign investors to access the Chinese market, both through onshore and offshore channels. This has been a prime factor driving respondents' decisions to increase their investment flows into China.
Read by 54% of LPs