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Head Of Harvard's Chemistry Department Arrested For Lying About Work With China

Charles Lieber is one of the most prestigious scientists yet to be swept up in the FBI's investigations into scientists stealing research for other countries, most of which have involved China.
Read by 75% of LPs January 22, 2020

China's VC Investment Drops After Years Of Boom

Venture capital investment--fueled by China's half-decade venture capital boom--fell globally in 2019, from $302 billion in 2018 to $258 billion, and the number of deals also declined.
Read by 66% of LPs December 09, 2019

China Is Probably Outspending U.S. In AI--But Not On Defense

There is a number that floats around Washington, DC, circles about how much the Chinese government is projected to spend on AI: $70 billion by 2020, up from an estimated $12 billion in 2017.
Read by 42% of LPs December 09, 2019

U.S. Helped China Build Its Economy For Decades: Ken Langone

The billionaire GOP businessman says he does expect a trade deal to be reached between Washington and Beijing. It's time for China to pay the U.S. back for the help its received over the last forty years, Ken Langone said.
Read by 66% of LPs December 02, 2019

China's Investors Yawn As Major Foreign Hedge Funds Rush In

Three years after China opened its $355 billion hedge fund market to global asset managers, the industry is discovering just how hard it is to win over the country's investors.
Read by 72% of LPs November 18, 2019

Opportunities And Pitfalls Of Investing In Asia

Asia markets, including China and India, have seen growing interest from global investors and venture capital firms in recent years. Despite the volatility of the macroeconomic and geopolitical environment, the number of VC deals in the continent still booked robust growth in the third quarter.
Read by 80% of LPs November 12, 2019

U.S. And China Racing To Weaponize AI

The Pentagon is racing to outpace China in building military artificial intelligence systems ranging from vehicle maintenance to advanced warfighting tools like cyber weapons and drones, according to U.S. Defense Secretary.
Read by 69% of LPs November 03, 2019

After Painful 2018, Chinese Blockchain VCs Getting Back Into The Market

Chinese venture capital firms are taking another look at blockchain. Now, as China's central government pushes for greater blockchain adoption, some are returning.
Read by 63% of LPs October 03, 2019

Ray Dalio: U.S. May Go Further Than Just Cutting Capital Flows To China

Ray Dalio says the Trump administration may be "inching toward bigger moves" in its tit-for-tat trade hostilities against China, amid reports of limiting capital flows to Beijing.
Read by 54% of LPs September 30, 2019

U.S. Pulling Investments From China Would Be An 'Unmitigated Disaster'

U.S.-China trade talks hit a snag as the White House weighed limiting U.S. investments in China, which would be an "unmitigated disaster" if it came to pass, says Yale's Stephen Roach.
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