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Asia's Billionaire Families Start To Make Way For Women Successors

In China, where fortunes were created more recently, control is only now starting to be handed to the second generation, many of them women.
Read by 41% of LPs January 24, 2019

Chinese Economy: Slowdown Has Just Begun

If you want to understand where China is heading, the best guide may be private equity veteran, Weijian Shan. His take on his country's current economic predicament: Its slowdown has only just begun, but its long-term health looks sound.
Read by 61% of LPs January 22, 2019

China Is Closing Innovation Gap With America

Innovation could help China compete against the U.S. head to head in high-tech industries, intensifying the ongoing trade-war.
Read by 61% of LPs January 17, 2019

Tech Bosses Warn Of 'Serious Disruption' From U.S.-China Trade War

Business leaders have warned, as the U.S. renews allegations of trade theft against Huawei Technologies and lawmakers move to ban chip sales to key Chinese companies.
Read by 76% of LPs January 01, 2019

China's Deleveraging Helps Foreign Real Estate Investors

China's deleveraging campaign gave investors in China's property market more opportunities to make deals this past year, according to president of capital markets for Greater China at Cushman & Wakefield.
Read by 75% of LPs December 30, 2018

Trade Wars Cost U.S., China Agri Industries Billions In 2018

The U.S.-China trade war resulted in billions of dollars of losses for both sides in 2018, hitting industries including autos, technology - and above all, agriculture.
Read by 58% of LPs December 25, 2018

Silicon Valley Faces Four Challengers, All In China

For decades the U.S. was the world's startup leader, spawning a generation of companies, especially in technology, that went on to become world leaders. Silicon Valley is looking over its shoulder at China, and for good reason: 16,000 companies are born there every day.
Read by 70% of LPs December 11, 2018

How This Famed Chinese VC Thinks AI Will Reshape Teaching

Artificial intelligence promises to have a dramatic--and yes, disruptive--effect on U.S. education and jobs in the next decade. Chinese companies are increasingly playing a role in the tools that we call "AI."
Read by 53% of LPs December 07, 2018

Chinese VC Firms Put Several Silicon Valley Startups At Risk

Danhua Capital has made considerable investments in a couple of Silicon's Valley's startups which are deemed highly promising in fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and drones. Over 20 Silicon Valley venture capital firms share strong ties and have direct access to either a Chinese-owned entity or funds from the Chinese government.
Read by 45% of LPs December 07, 2018

Stanford Physicist Had Ties To Beijing VC Investments In Silicon Valley

Zhang's VC firm has caught the U.S. administration's attention for being the recipient of Chinese state funding. Danhua Capital is listed as an example of China's "web of entities" established in Silicon Valley "to further the industrial-policy goals of the Chinese government."
Read by 42% of LPs