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Ex-KKR China Heads To Raise $2B For New Fund

DCP Capital founders David Liu and Julian Wolhardt secured the funding by touting their track record of almost three decades in China. They are part of the first generation of private equity investors in the country, arriving in the 1990s.
Read by 48% of LPs April 09, 2019

Can China Finally Make Emerging Market Bonds Interesting?

China's foreign debt exposure is super low and most of its local debt is held by Chinese investors, not foreigners who will run and dump the market at the first sign of stress.
Read by 39% of LPs April 09, 2019

Hong Kong Can Be Indian Startups' Gateway To Chinese Markets

Riding on technology and going global has become a new trend for Indian tech startups, however, B2C companies' footprint has remained subdued overseas.
Read by 51% of LPs March 24, 2019

Private Equity Chief Is Bullish On AI In China

Chinese "consumers are digitally equipped and very open to consume digitally," Zhao said, adding that it will be "a very, very powerful driving force. And that is going to continue to contribute to the world's growth."
Read by 30% of LPs March 19, 2019

China Venture Returns Outdo Most U.S. Funds

Seven China venture funds from prominent funds earned a return of 21.4 percent. That's higher than 19.3 for 141 U.S. funds but not at the level of the top 25 U.S. venture funds.
Read by 48% of LPs March 06, 2019

Chinese Stock Surge Fails To Ignite Broader Markets Rally

Chinese shares surged to a nine-month high bolstered by hopes of more stimulus measures from Beijing, but the rally failed to fuel broader gains in global markets as investors waited for fresh central bank cues.
Read by 46% of LPs February 28, 2019

Sequoia's China Rival Targets Drug Startups That Can Go Global

A top Chinese tech investor that's plowed $1 billion into healthcare companies since 2006, is training its focus on biotech startups it thinks have the best chance of taking on the world's top drugmakers.
Read by 51% of LPs January 28, 2019

Asia's Billionaire Families Start To Make Way For Women Successors

In China, where fortunes were created more recently, control is only now starting to be handed to the second generation, many of them women.
Read by 69% of LPs January 24, 2019

Chinese Economy: Slowdown Has Just Begun

If you want to understand where China is heading, the best guide may be private equity veteran, Weijian Shan. His take on his country's current economic predicament: Its slowdown has only just begun, but its long-term health looks sound.
Read by 44% of LPs January 22, 2019

China Is Closing Innovation Gap With America

Innovation could help China compete against the U.S. head to head in high-tech industries, intensifying the ongoing trade-war.
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