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Excess Liquidity In U.S. Pushing PE, VC Investment In India

The mega liquidity unleashed by the U.S. and European central banks, low yields and the declining dollar is forcing large LP to increase their allocations towards higher yield generating and growing emerging markets.
Read by 49% of LPs April 06, 2021

India 'Red Hot Investment Opportunity' For Clean Energy

"I want to see India flourish as a cleantech hub of Asia, producing and deploying clean technologies and playing a critical role in global clean supply chains," John Kerry stated.
Read by 68% of LPs April 06, 2021

Activist Investors Needed in India to Monitor Local Companies

<p>The head of India's markets regulator urged institutional investors such as mutual funds to be more activist in their dealings with companies they have invested in to protect the interests of minority shareholders.</p>
Read by 74% of LPs March 23, 2021

Role Of Institutional Investors In The 'Pop And Drop' Saga Of India's IPOs

In the past six months, India has had roughly one initial public offering (IPO) every week. The IPO mania is well and truly and so is the practice of flipping newly acquired shares soon after a stock lists on the bourses.
Read by 39% of LPs March 17, 2021

VC Deal Momentum In India To Continue

You should gear up for more venture capital activity in India this year as deal momentum seen in calendar 2020 is expected to continue into 2021 as well, according to a new report.
Read by 45% of LPs March 17, 2021

India-Focused VC Funds Raised $3B Last Year, Up 40% From 2019

Venture capital funding in India will likely stay strong this year, carrying on the sharp recovery in investment activity to pre-covid levels during the second half of 2020.
Read by 49% of LPs January 21, 2021

The Global Reach Of China's Venture Capital

Chinese VC investment has been excluded from India but is growing in South and Southeast Asia. How is that remaking foreign startup ecosystems?
Read by 61% of LPs December 30, 2020

Indian Startup Scene On Massive Unicorn Run

Despite the pandemic and the lockdown, the growth of Indian startups remained unfettered in 2020. The ecosystem grew up to be the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, with a new startup entering the unicorn club practically every month.
Read by 36% of LPs December 22, 2020

What Pandemic Taught Indian Unicorns Like Zomato, Flipkart

For some startups, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned out to be an accelerant, leading to innovations and growth; for others, it has led to a massive disruption of the status quo.
Read by 32% of LPs December 17, 2020

India Replaces China As Most Sought-After Destination

India has quietly replaced China as the most sought after destination for global sovereign wealth funds investment in the private sector &mdash; a sign of the country's growing attraction for investors.
Read by 42% of LPs