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VC Recap: Rise Of SFO VC; China's Deflating Tech Bubble

by trusted insight posted 5years ago 3686 views
Venture Capital
Introducing Trusted Insight's Venture Capital Recap, a compilation of the most important venture capital news from the previous day. Here are the stories you may have missed:

Top Chicago Venture Investors. In Chicago, contemporary Valley-inspired VC firms only got their start in the city fifteen years ago and Chicago’s angel investment ecosystem began to coalesce in 2007. Almost everyone we spoke with for this article, both on the record and off, used the term “robust” when describing the investment environment as it stands today. Read more

China's Deflating Tech Bubble Signals Opportunity. Just a few years after China's tech scene emerged, the conversation has shifted from asking if Chinese firms can innovate to how Western firms can mimic the success of Chinese tech, such as WeChat. As the year comes to a close, analysts and VCs are now shifting focus to new trends and companies. Read more

The Rise Of The Family Office Venture Investor. Venture capital dollars aren't as readily available as they were in previous years, and for the companies that are receiving funding, they are finding that the terms are becoming increasingly less palatable. The good news for startups looking for funding is that a new pathway for direct investment is emerging: the family/multi-family offices of wealthy individuals and families. Read more