Claude Porret: Why Emerging Managers are safer than large hedge funds

Hedge Funds
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OpalesqueTV 47 Degrees North Capital Management is a specialist alternative investment firm offering institutional investors access to early-stage managers, innovative strategies and thematic hedge fund investments. Claude Porret is CEO of the Pfaeffikon, Switzerland based firm set up in in 2006. Before founding 47North, she was Member of the Management Committee and Head of RMF Hedge Fund Ventures and responsible for 19 hedge fund seeding deals at RMF. RMF today is part of the Man Group. Contrary to the prevalent perception, Claude Porret and her team found that investing in Emerging Managers is less risky than investing in the larger or even “legends” hedge funds – particularly during financial crises. In this Opalesque. TV BACKSTAGE video, Claude talks about her experiences as an investor in Emerging Managers and “innovative strategies” (or “alternative alternatives” strategies). Hear more about: - 47 Degrees North's investment approach: Opportunistic bottom-up fund selection supported by macroeconomic and quantitative analysis - The significance of peer group ranking - UCITS Funds: Suitable for opportunistic tactics, but thorough legal due diligence is mandatory - Why 47 North dismissed 710 of 750 reviewed UCITS funds - Why UCITS should be combined with offshore funds - “Invest like CalPERS”: 47°N's Services & Products - Diversification benefits of innovative strategies 47 North follows a bottom-up investment process consistent with its macro-economic outlook and supported by quantitative analysis. 47°N sources and screens early-stage and specialist managers at the frontier of traditional hedge fund investing, leveraging the firm’s expertise and wide network of industry relationships. 47°N requires a high degree of transparency from potential managers which allows a detailed understanding of how strategy returns are generated and the risk factors driving returns. California-based pension fund CalPERS and the London-based Guiness family both hold a minority interest in 47 Degrees North Capital Management. 47 North runs parts of CalPERS' emerging manager program and also has a strategic partnership with Iveagh, the Guiness family office based in London. 47 Degrees North Capital Management is registered with the SEC.