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European VC Soars In Q1

A stunning first quarter in venture capital funding was not restricted to the United States; Europe also had one hell of a start to the year.
Read by 74% of LPs March 25, 2021

EU Deploys Region's Largest VC Fund To Create Local Unicorns

Europe has started deploying the largest venture capital fund ever created in the region, in its latest attempt to create health and deep-tech startups that will rival the U.S. and Asia.
Read by 44% of LPs March 24, 2021

Global Hedge Fund Investors With $812B Prefer Asia

Hedge funds focused on Asia are predicting a surge of new money from North America and Europe as investors move away from overvalued U.S. assets to tap the early pandemic recovery in China and other parts of the region.
Read by 32% of LPs February 24, 2021

2021 Venture Market Challenging For Founders

The end of 2020 saw the venture capital market in the U.S. booming. These 'high spirits' have quickly spread to Europe in early 2021 and the market has gone crazy.
Read by 32% of LPs January 22, 2021

How VCs Invested In Asia And Europe In 2020

After digging into the U.S. venture capital results from last year with an extra eye on fintech and unicorn investing, one trend was clear: venture capital is getting later and larger (as expected).
Read by 40% of LPs January 15, 2021

Silicon Valley Shifts To London In UK Tech Boom

Undeterred by Brexit or the Covid-19 pandemic, technology firms in London attracted $10.5 billion in venture capital money last year, a new record for the U.K. and Europe.
Read by 50% of LPs December 31, 2020

UK Tech Firms Attract Record $15B In VC Funding

UK technology companies attracted a record $15 billion in venture capital funding in 2020, including the creation of seven unicorn firms. The firms raised more money from VC investors than the rest of Europe combined.
Read by 78% of LPs December 16, 2020

European Private Equity Rebounds Slower Than U.S., Asia

Asian and North American private equity funds suffered heavier losses during the first quarter of this year than their European peers but bounced back in the second quarter whilst Europe continued to struggle.
Read by 43% of LPs December 09, 2020

Steve Schlenker Reflects On Investing In Auto1

Steve Schlenker, Managing Partner of DN Capital, reflects on the investment: "When we led Auto1's Series A round in 2013, a number of other venture firms passed on the company. Of course, the used car market was huge - over EUR300 billion-a-year in Europe alone.
Read by 76% of LPs November 17, 2020

VC Firm Sequoia To Put Down Roots In Europe's Startup Scene

Venture capital firm Sequoia famously once only backed startups within bicycle distance of its Silicon Vally offices. Now the firm's investing heavily in its European presence.
Read by 44% of LPs