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Brummer Multi-strategy Ends August In Red, As Flagship Adds Financials-focused Long/short Hedge Fund

Brummer Multi-Strategy ends August in red, as flagship adds financials-focused long/short hedge fund Submitted By Hugh Leask | 03/09/2021 - 5:02pm Brummer & Partners' flagship multi-strategy vehicle slipped into the red during August, with all but two of its underlying managers posting losses during the month. The slide comes as the Stockholm-based fund began allocating capital to Kersley Financials, a new financials-focused long/short equity strategy, on 1 September. Overall, Brummer Multi-Strategy fell 1.1 per cent last month, a loss which dragged down its year-to-date performance to -0.9 per cent.
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Brummer's Multi-strategy Hedge Fund Flagship Flat For July As Equity Managers Stumble

Brummer's multi-strategy hedge fund flagship flat for July as equity managers stumble Submitted By Hugh Leask | 04/08/2021 - 11:15am Stockholm-based Brummer & Partners' flagship multi-strategy hedge fund vehicle remains flat for the year after ending July close to zero, with its equities-focused strategies suffering negative performance last month. Brummer Multi-Strategy (BMS) fell 0.1 per cent in July in both its SEK and dollar-denominated classes, with the twice-levered BMS 2xL version down 0.3 per cent in both classes.
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Crypto Hedge Fund Argentium Unveils Systematic Multi-strategy Arbitrage Fund

Crypto hedge fund Argentium unveils systematic multi-strategy arbitrage fund Submitted 06/05/2021 - 5:05pm Argentium Digital Asset Management, a London-based cryptocurrency hedge fund founded by ex-JP Morgan and Credit Suisse manager Paul Frost-Smith, has unveiled a new Cayman-based fund which will formally launch next month. The Argentium Chimera Fund is systematic multi-strategy arbitrage fund which combines three investment strategies borrowed from foreign exchange investing and adapted to tackle cryptocurrencies' higher volatility and lower liquidity.
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Topsy-turvy Markets See Brummer's Multi-strategy Hedge Fund Flagship Go Into Reverse

Topsy-turvy markets see Brummer's multi-strategy hedge fund flagship go into reverse Submitted By Hugh Leask | 17/03/2021 - 3:24pm Stockholm-based Brummer & Partners' flagship multi-strategy fund has dipped into negative territory in recent weeks according to mid-month estimates for March, with long/short equity losses offsetting gains made by other strategies. The Brummer Multi-Strategy (BMS) vehicle's SEK class fell 1.1 per cent during the first two weeks of March, reversing February's 3.2 per cent advance to leave its year-to-date return at 1.2 per cent.
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Kbra Assigns Ratings To Flagship Citadel Multi-strategy Hedge Funds

KBRA assigns ratings to flagship Citadel multi-strategy hedge funds Submitted 02/03/2021 - 9:39am Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) has assigned BBB Issuer ratings to three multi-strategy hedge funds: Kensington Global Strategies Ltd (KGSF), Kensington Global Strategies Fund II (KGSF II), Ltd, and Citadel Wellington LLC (Wellington), and a BBB Senior Unsecured rating to USD500 million of notes issued by Citadel Finance. The notes are guaranteed on a several, but not joint, basis by KGSF II, Wellington, and KGSF Offshore Holdings Ltd (wholly-owned subsidiary of KGSF). The guarantor funds are managed by Citadel Advisors, LLC, the investment management subsidiary of Citadel Group.
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Equities And Macro Names Drive Brummer Multi-strategy Hedge Fund's February Rebound

Equities and macro names drive Brummer multi-strategy hedge fund's February rebound Submitted By Hugh Leask | 18/02/2021 - 9:35am Brummer & Partners' flagship multi-strategy fund has made a strong start to February, with its equities- and macro-focused managers generating strong gains that have helped the Stockholm-based outfit reverse January's losses. The Brummer Multi-Strategy (BMS) vehicle's SEK class has risen 4.5 per cent in the first two weeks of the month, which puts its year-to-date performance at 3.6 per cent. Meanwhile, the twice-levered Brummer Multi-Strategy 2xL version of the fund is up 9 per cent as of 15th February.
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Multi-strategy Hedge Funds: Equity In A Different Shade? | Allaboutalpha: Alternative Investing Trends And Analysis | A Finance Blog About Private Equity, Commodities, And Other Alternative Asset Classes.

By Nicolas Rabener, CAIA, of FactorResearch (@FactorResearch) INTRODUCTION Investing in hedge funds is challenging as both strategies and fund structures are complex. Almost all strategies are cyclical, although not all are on the same cycle. For example, statistical arbitrage tends to perform best when volatility is high, however, that representsRead More.
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Brummer Multi-strategy Hedge Fund On Track For Strong Equities Gains, Initial September Estimates Show

Brummer multi-strategy hedge fund on track for strong equities gains, initial September estimates show Submitted By Hugh Leask | 02/10/2020 - 1:42pm Brummer & Partners' multi-strategy hedge fund flagship was on track for a marginal September rise, the Swedish hedge fund pioneer said on Friday morning, as strong gains in equities-focused funds were offset by faltering trend-following strategies - but the BMS vehicle remains comfortably in the black year-to-date.
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Multi-strategy Hedge Fund Algebris' Macro Chief Eyes Biden Victory In Us Election Battle

Multi-strategy hedge fund Algebris' macro chief eyes Biden victory in US election battle Submitted By Hugh Leask | 01/10/2020 - 11:34am A victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the approaching US presidential election would see a "limited short-term negative reaction", and could herald more fiscal stimulus coupled with a dovish monetary policy, according to Algebris Investments' head of macro strategies Alberto Gallo. Gallo, portfolio manager of the Algebris Global Credit Opportunities Fund, believes the Democrats are now favourite to win November's election, and said a Biden presidency will mean more stimulus to the real economy.
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Swedish Multi-strategy Hedge Fund Brummer Maintains Momentum In July

Swedish multi-strategy hedge fund Brummer maintains momentum in July Submitted By Hugh Leask | 05/08/2020 - 8:36am Brummer & Partners, a Stockholm-based multi-strategy hedge fund firm, continued to generate positive performance as markets moved into the second half of the year, notching up gains across its trend-following, equity, credit and relative value strategies in July. The Brummer Multi-Strategy multi-manager fund - which invests in a range of single-strategy hedge funds - gained 1.1 per cent in its SEK share class, and 1.2 per cent in its USD class, during July. Year-to-date, the fund has now advanced 3.8 per cent.
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