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While Big Banks Hesitate, Small Banks Seize The Crypto Scene

When it comes to larger banks, it could be argued that Santander's and Barclays' decisions to drop Coinbase are only the latest piece of evidence to suggest that things aren't getting better-and in fact, that they may be getting even more difficult.
Read by 35% of LPs July 18, 2019

U.S. Will Ensure Bitcoin Doesn't Become Secret Bank Account

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the department will police bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with "very, very strong" regulations so that they don't become cloaked in secrecy.
Read by 37% of LPs June 26, 2019

Broker-Dealers Prep For Institutional Crypto

Many on Wall Street plan to forgo first mover advantage so that they can prepare for the long game when it comes to cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
Read by 33% of LPs June 06, 2019

Facebook To Launch Cryptocurrency In June

Facebook could debut a cryptocurrency system as early as this month. Facebook is also exploring the option to obtain the currency through ATMs.
Read by 53% of LPs May 14, 2019

'If You're Not A Billionaire' In 10 Years 'It's Your Own Fault,' Says Bitcoin Tycoon

Bitcoin is mounting an uncanny resurgence from the depths of a virtual winter for the cryptocurrency market, with bullish, long-term investors extolling the virtues of digital assets as the opportunity of a lifetime.
Read by 80% of LPs May 13, 2019

Crypto Hedge Funds Grew Last Year Even As Bitcoin Slumped

Cryptocurrency hedge funds managed three times more in investments in the first quarter of this year than in early 2018, a report showed.
Read by 57% of LPs May 02, 2019

Institutional Investors Want Cryptocurrencies In Their Portfolios

Nearly half appreciate crypto for being innovative and consider digital assets worthy of investment, Fidelity study finds.
Read by 41% of LPs April 25, 2019

A Look At China's Proposal To Ban Cryptocurrency Mining

It's not the blockchain that is being decried as wasteful, but rather the distribution of power from centralized state to decentralized miners.
Read by 57% of LPs April 04, 2019

Bitcoin Is A Hedge Against 'New World' Of Central Bank Policy

Bitcoin prices in recent days have been resurgent, rising as much as 20%, and seemingly turning industry sentiment on a dime.
Read by 57% of LPs March 04, 2019

New Crypto Exchange For Institutional Investors Launching This Month

The company already has secured 10 institutional clients, mostly over-the-counter trading desks, plus several hedge funds, crypto businesses and market makers.
Read by 32% of LPs