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China VC Fund Implicates Stanford Management Company In Lawsuit

Medical artificial intelligence technology company, Inc and its CEO Arturo Devesa, have filed a lawsuit for fraud in the Supreme Court of California in San Francisco against their investor Stanford Management Company (SMC).
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University Of California Endowment Assets Grow 15.1%, Outperforming Benchmark

The UC endowment grew 15.1 percent for the year ending June 30, 2017, outperforming its policy benchmark by 2.6 percent. Chief Investment Officer Jagdeep Singh Bachher, who joined UC in April 2014, said he is proud of what his team has achieved.
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UC Endowment Boosts Real Assets Allocation By 2%

The University of California General Endowment Pool has increased its real assets target weighting by 2% and integrated real estate into the allocation.
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California Pension Fund Divests From Coal Despite Industry Rebound

Coal stocks are on the rebound, but California’s main public pension fund won’t see investment gains from that industry.
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SCOTUS: It's Too Late For CalPERS To Claim Lehman Damages

The court ruled that the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) could not sue a number of banks over losses resulting from the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in September 2008.
Read by 56% of LPs June 29, 2017

CalPERS Just Lost A Lawsuit At The U.S. Supreme Court

CalPERS lost a big case at the U.S. Supreme Court this week. The decision will cost California government retirees around $300 million. The court voted 5-4 to dismiss a lawsuit...
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CalPERS Pressured Into Rethinking Private Equity Strategy

The $324 billion California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) may reduce its private equity exposure after receiving public criticism for investing in the high-fee asset class.
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A Risk Worth Taking To Cut CalPERS' Pension Liabilities

One of the major challenges facing the California Public Employees Retirement System, which handles retirement benefits for the state and more than 3,000 local agencies, is that its $324-billion pens...
Read by 62% of LPs May 31, 2017

U.S. Colleges Have $500B To Invest. Now Where Are All The Green Deals?

If you guessed that the University of California system would champion “sustainable” investing, you’d be correct. The catch is, the shelves in the sustainable investing aisle aren’t especially well-stocked with opportunities. U.S. college endowments altogether hold more than $500 ­billion in assets, a growing part of which they’ve allocated to sustainable or “impact” investing. Yet they also face something of a paradox: Where, exactly, does one invest that money? The easy answer, and one popular among smaller endowments, is to buy funds of stocks deemed green. Another option is real assets, says Jagdeep Bachher, who oversees the University of California’s...
Read by 31% of LPs May 02, 2017

YL Ventures Raises $75M Third Fund To Invest In Israeli Tech

YL Ventures has raised a $75 million third fund, according to a filing with the SEC. The California firm makes seed investments in Israeli tech companies and was founded by Yoav Leitersdorf. 
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