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It's Going To Get Harder For Australia Pensions To Make Money

Australia's pension funds will be forced to push more money into less traditional assets -- such as apartment developments and even direct lending to companies -- after the strong recent performance of equities and fixed-income left valuations lofty in public markets.
Read by 62% of LPs August 08, 2019

These 7 Australians Are Now Tech Billionaires As Global Markets Push Their Wealth Sky-high | Business Insider

Despite not being renowned for either its tech scene or its fabulously wealthy, Australia has still managed to cobble together a few tech billionaires.
Read by 60% of LPs July 04, 2019

AustralianSuper Warns Of Low Returns As Growth Cycle Nears End

Australia's biggest pension fund has told investors to prepare for low, or even negative returns, as the economic growth cycle nears an end.
Read by 49% of LPs April 04, 2019

Private Equity Tests Ground For Looser Loans In Australia

PE firms are increasingly seeking loans with slacker terms to help fund buyouts of Australian businesses, creating a testing ground for these kinds of deals in the Asia-Pacific leveraged finance market.
Read by 49% of LPs May 28, 2018

Blackstone Bets Big On Australian RE

U.S. private equity giant Blackstone Group is seeking to deepen its exposure to Australian commercial property with a $2.3 billion bid for Sydney-focused company Investa Office Fund.
Read by 70% of LPs April 23, 2018

Rising Interest Rates Makes Long-Term Outlook Challenging: Australia's Sovereign Fund

Australia's $108.1 billion sovereign wealth fund said rising global interest rates eroding asset values make its long-term outlook challenging, after the fund exceeded its return-on-investment goal for the year.
Read by 38% of LPs April 09, 2018

How Australia Got Wedged Between The U.S., China Trade War

Trade tensions between the U.S. and China are ratcheting up. Now analysts are worrying about Australia, which sits uncomfortably in the middle, trading the most with China but receiving its largest investment inflow from the U.S.
Read by 54% of LPs March 21, 2018

Australian Industry Super Fund Adds CIO

An $8.8 billion industry superannuation fund has reintroduced a chief investment capability to its executive lineup, promoting from within to fill the role. Senior investment manager Ben Squires has been promoted to chief investment officer at NGS Super, following a decade of service to the fund.
Read by 40% of LPs August 22, 2017

A Growing Direct Investment Opportunity For Family Offices - Dealerships

Family offices in the US are buying into auto dealerships as profits grow in the sector and owners are more willing to sell stakes in their businesses. A San Francisco-based family office called Servco Pacific Capital bought two Harley-Davidson dealerships in Australia last May.
Read by 77% of LPs August 14, 2017

Bitcoin Could Be Australia's New Currency

Imagine a sunny beach full of fintech entrepreneurs and bitcoin enthusiasts. Visiting colleagues from Singapore, India and China sit sprawled across the soft sand, commenting on how this coastal city became one of the world’s leading startup hubs. No, this scene isn’t happening in California. It’s actually Sydney, Australia. Here's why. 
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