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The Venture Capital Bubble Is Going To Burst

A combination of inflated valuations, unsophisticated financial models, and lack of investor perspective has led to an unsustainable bubble in the start-up sector and the firms that fund it.
Read by 59% of LPs March 19, 2019

Future Market Expectations Leading Institutional Investors To Diversify

A survey found that 62 percent of institutional investors think advances in technology, such as high-frequency trading algorithms and quantitative investment strategies, will make the markets more efficient.
Read by 60% of LPs March 19, 2019

China Venture Returns Outdo Most U.S. Funds

Seven China venture funds from prominent funds earned a return of 21.4 percent. That's higher than 19.3 for 141 U.S. funds but not at the level of the top 25 U.S. venture funds.
Read by 61% of LPs July 10, 2017

From Series A To IPO: Benchmark's Partner | Podcast

Mitch Lasky is a general partner at Benchmark, one of the world’s leading VC funds. Lasky discusses the decision-making process at Benchmark, why he prefers smaller VC teams and areas that he feels are highly investable. 
Read by 31% of LPs July 10, 2017

Asia Drives VC Activity In Q2 2017

The venture capital-backed deal market has recorded its largest ever quarter, as 2,062 deals were announced worth a combined $47 billion.  Preqin expects these figures to rise by around 5% as more information becomes available, but Q2 2017 already surpasses the previous record of $43 billion in venture capital-backed deals recorded in Q3 2015. 
Read by 78% of LPs July 10, 2017

Markets No Longer Make Sense To Macro Managers

After spending three decades focusing on things like economic trends, currency moves, politics and policy, Spindel has been confounded by markets shaped by low volatility, algorithms and more. He finally gave up and closed his nine-year-old hedge fund. “I felt the intensity of following markets at a time of increasing political and economic confusion very hard,” said Spindel, founder of Potomac River Capital in Washington. “My entire career had centered on an understanding of monetary politics and I had trouble getting my head around it all. It was exhausting.” These are troubled -- and troubling -- times for macro managers,...
Read by 67% of LPs July 06, 2017

Temasek Takes Stake In Belgian Malt Producer

French cooperative Axereal said on Wednesday (July 5) that Singapore's state investor Temasek and French farmer-controlled investment fund Unigrains had taken a stake in its Boortmalt unit, the world's fifth largest malt producer, through a capital increase.
Read by 55% of LPs July 06, 2017

Chinese Investors Pouring Money Into Australian Real Estate

Chinese investment in foreign real estate reached a record $133.7 billion in calendar year 2016. While investment has slowed somewhat in 2017, it's still projected to top $100 billion by the end of the year. Here's why Australian real estate is particularly attractive among the Chinese. 
Read by 33% of LPs July 05, 2017

Europe Is The New Hunting Ground For US Activist Investors

The favored targets of activists, said corporate attorney David Katz, at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, are "companies that have a lot of cash that haven't been returned to shareholders."
Read by 67% of LPs July 05, 2017

Tages Capital Launches Fourth Single-strategy UCITS Alternative Fund

Tages Capital (Tages) in partnership with Chicago & Bellevue based Rotella Capital Management (Rotella), has launched the Tages International Funds SICAV – Tages Rotella UCITS Fund. This will be the fourth sub-fund of Tages International Funds SICAV, a UCITS-compliant umbrella fund structure domiciled in Luxembourg and regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).
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