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Hackers Trick VC Firm Into Sending Them $1M

Security researchers at Check Point say the company has uncovered evidence that Chinese hackers managed to hijack $1 million in seed money during a wire transfer between a Chinese venture capital firm and an Israeli startup—without either side realizing anything was wrong.
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Google Founders Give Up On Being The Warren Buffett Of Tech

"Within Alphabet, Google was always the tail that wags the dog. That's where all the money and employees are," said Vineet Buch, a partner at Firebolt Ventures who was a product management director at Google for more than eight years until late 2018.
Read by 52% of LPs December 05, 2019

Three Potential Landmines For Insurtechs Becoming Insurance Companies

As funding in the insurtech vertical continues to surge and the current crop of insurtech companies grows and matures, a common dilemma facing the successful companies is whether to move from being just an insurance producer (i.e., an insurance agency, brokerage or managing general agent), to becoming a fully licensed insurance company.
Read by 65% of LPs November 29, 2019

Venture Trends And The Lure Of Southeast Asia

Trade tensions, Chinese debt reduction and other factors have led to a 90 percent drop in Chinese investment into the U.S. over the last couple of years. Despite this decline, venture capital in the U.S. continues to be popular, with U.S.-based VC firms raising over $28 billion in the first half of 2019.
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Ex-Outcome Health Execs Hit With Criminal Charges Alleging $1B Fraud Scheme

The co-founders of Outcome Health and several former executives have been charged by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a $1 billion fraud scheme targeting clients, lenders and investors.
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New Mexico To Invest More In Local Businesses, Startups

The State Investment Council voted to adopt recommendations that will target a greater number of commitments to New Mexico and nationally-based venture capital firms actively investing in the state.
Read by 77% of LPs November 26, 2019

6 Things To Learn About Innovation From Intermountain Healthcare

Years after Intermountain Healthcare began funding outside ventures to spur innovation at the Salt Lake City-based health system, the approach took its own innovative turn. The organization created a separate company to manage its venture investments.
Read by 47% of LPs November 18, 2019

Private Equity Is Set To Grow At The Stock Market's Expense

The last couple of years count as only the third time in history when private equity-backed acquisition values, measured as a multiple of cash flow, have exceeded valuations in global stock markets, according to Bain & Company.
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Investors Want Tech Startups To Show A Path To Profitability

<p>For tech startups trying to secure funding and go public, being in the black is the new black. At a recent tech conference in Lisbon, potential investors responded with a common message: show us how you're going to make money.</p>
Read by 74% of LPs October 31, 2019

Billionaire Families Reshape Silicon Valley's Venture Terrain

<p>It's hard to express how significant and powerful some of these families are becoming in this ecosystem. They're building massive venture portfolios in some cases. For instance, there's a family is putting $1.5 billion to work in venture alone.</p>
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