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10 Most Important Reads Of The Week - April 7, 2017

by trusted insight posted 4years ago 814 views
It has been an eventful week, and it's easy to fall behind. Here are the 10 most important reads of the week.

Top 30 Corporate Investment Office Rising Stars 

Corporate investment offices, particularly those managing corporate pension funds, play an essential role in ensuring the long-term financial wellness for their employees. In this issue, Trusted Insight selected 30 investment directors and portfolio managers who allocate capital for some of the world’s largest corporations.

Yale Fund Chief Reveals Truth About Hedge Fund Failures. By now you've begun to notice a pattern in the news about hedge funds: Nobody is making money anymore, so managers are returning millions to disappointed investors. Read more »

VCs Discuss Current Health Tech Trends | Video (35:58). What healthtech trends are VCs embracing and what are overhyped? Moderator: Patrick Chung (General Partner, Xfund); Panelists: Rebecca Lynn (Partner, Canvas Ventures), Dave Schulte (Partner, McKesson Ventures), Michael Dixon (Partner, Sequoia Capital, Rebecca Woodcock (Entrepreneur in Residence, 500 Startups). Read more »

Real Estate Mogul: In The 90s, I Looked For Starbucks; Now I Buy When I See This. Real estate mogul Sean Conlon has seen every type of neighborhood. As a child, he lived in a 1,000-square-foot house with his family of seven in the small town of Rathangan in County Kildare, Ireland. In 1990, Conlon moved to Chicago with $500 dollars and took a job as an assistant janitor. Read more »

Private Equity Is Raising Its Bets To Save Distressed Positions. From Apollo Global Management LP to Bain Capital to Thomas H. Lee Partners, investors have bought hundreds of millions of dollars of debt in struggling businesses they took private, giving them positions as both stockholders and creditors. Read more »

Hedge Fund President John Paulson Slashes Bonuses. FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on John Paulson’s hedge fund handing out ‘zeros’ to partners according to sources, and why hedge funds in general are struggling. Read more »

Hewlett Foundation CIO: This Is A Numbers Industry; You Are As Good As Your Numbers | Exclusive Q&A - Part I
Ana Marshall is vice president and chief investment officer for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. She is responsible for the asset allocation and strategic investment policy recommendation and implementation of the $9 billion endowment portfolio. In this interview, she shares her experience as a female institutional investor and why she believes men and women have equal chances to succeed in this industry despite a wide gender gap currently. Read more »

Ackman Jokes About Career Falling Apart At Florida Tennis Event. Just before matches began at the Finance Cup tennis tournament near Miami Beach, bankers and investors huddled around hedge-fund manager Bill Ackman to hear him riff about the stakes for his portfolio. Read more »

Here's Why Uber And Airbnb Haven't Gone Public Yet: Insight Venture's Partner. Ryan Hinkle, managing director of Insight Venture Partners, discusses why private companies like Uber and Airbnb have remained private, even amid the recent success of Snap's IPO. Read more »

Investor Sam Zell: Trump Is Creating A Lot Of Hope | Video (5:24). Equity Group Investments chair discusses how Trump’s high corporate tax rate and other regulations will affect capital allocation for global investors like himself and real estate valuation. Read more »