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Top 30 Sovereign Wealth Fund Investors

Sovereign wealth funds manage billions for the world’s governments seeking to perpetuate and grow accrued wealth, while imparting the nation-state’s values on the broader world. These investors are often unconstrained by near-term return requirements, allowing … Read More

Top 30 Family Office Chief Investment Officers

Single-family offices are uniquely equipped to pursue niche, differentiated alternative investment strategies due to their typically flexible governance structure and ultra long-term time horizon. For these reasons, family offices tend to be the pioneers of …

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Top 30 Public Pension Chief Investment Officers

The strong U.S. equity market in 2016 rewarded many public pension funds with an uptick in annual returns compared with previous years. However, achieving long-term return goals remains a major challenge for pension investors. This …

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Top 30 Family Office Rising Stars

Family offices are home to blue-chip investment professionals who deliver wealth management expectations for prominent families. Their roles are one of the most sought after professions in finance, given family offices’ autonomous nature, exclusivity and … Read More

Top 30 Corporate Chief Investment Officers

In the U.S., corporate pension plans collectively manage more than $1.6 trillion in assets, as of 2016. With the prospect of low interest rate and rising liabilities, pension funds face a challenging time balancing between …

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Top 30 Foundation Rising Stars

Foundations uphold some of society’s noblest causes that without its charitable efforts might otherwise be neglected. The following investment professionals are the hardworking men and women quietly diligencing new investments, pushing the envelope on new … Read More

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