Why Did a Geneva Family Office Change Their Attitude on Hedge Funds?

Hedge Funds
by trusted insight posted 8years ago 7793 views
From Opalesque TV Peter Fletcher is managing director of Parly Company S.A., Geneva, Switzerland, a family office which invests internationally in alternative investment strategies as well as private and direct equity. 
He has over 30 years of international experience covering a broad spectrum of financial management functions in the trust and banking industry. Since the mid 90s Parly has been heavily invested in hedge funds, and in fact also seeded a lot of managers. However recently, Parly as well as other family offices have fundamentally changed their attitude towards hedge funds, along with significant alterations of investment structures, operations and arrangements used when investing in alternatives. In this candid Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE interview, Fletcher explains in detail what is behind that attitude change and how many of his peers have changed the way how they invest. In addition, he also highlights: * How Parly sources investments * How do global financial risks affect family offices? * Have regulators lost control over high frequency trading? * Now compensation models: Most family offices don't pay the "2 and 20" hedge fund fees * Why are some of the best hedge fund managers shutting down their shops? * Why structural market issues should be a concern for all investors * Why Fletcher is interested in hedge fund replication strategies Peter Fletcher has been working in Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Switzerland and holds the professional designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. In addition to holding numerous Directorships of investment funds and companies, he has served on various international governments’ financial regulatory bodies. Peter is also founder and chair of the renowned le club b, a private non-profit international investment forum for family offices globally. Le club b is devoted to providing authoritative insight on global market trends and asset allocation.