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Why Southeast Asia Appeals To PE Firms, Venture Funds

Private equity investors are taking a fresh look at Southeast Asia as the US-China trade war threatens to shake up the global supply chain. Valuations of companies have been rising this year as investors anticipate that manufacturers may shift parts of their production out of China.
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October 04, 2018

Market Valuation Is 'The Main Element Of Uncertainty' | Oklahoma State University Foundation, Brian Graeme | Q&A

Brian Graeme is a senior investment associate of private strategies at the Oklahoma State University Foundation. In this interview, Graeme discusses how his past experience investing billions in the technology sector helps him better understand a manager's perspective, why the amount of dry powder in private equity is concerning and what he believes are the key drivers to the Foundation's success.
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Why Investing In Private Companies Is Ridiculous Even If The SEC Allows It

SEC chairman Jay Clayton is reportedly considering making it easier for everyday investors to invest in their favorite startups. Makes sense on paper as these often leading-edge firms continue to see robust valuations in private markets.
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China Is A Rare Place Where Value Investing Isn't A Bad Bet

While chasing bargain stocks in overheating markets around the world has been a losing strategy, it's a surprisingly successful play in Shanghai. A gauge of the city's big companies with the lowest valuations is up 12 percent this year, taking it to a record relative to the benchmark.
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Britain's $2.9T Pension Industry Yanks Money From Equities

If the basic tenet of investing is knowing when to buy and sell, the stock market boom has taken that decision out of the hands of some money managers. The $2.9 trillion British pension fund industry is yanking money at an accelerated pace as company valuations forge new records globally.
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Stocks Are At Highest Valuations Since 1900, Goldman Warns

A prolonged bull market across stocks, bonds and credit has left a measure of average valuation at the highest since 1900, a condition that at some point is going to translate into pain for investors, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
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VC-Backed Smart Windows Startup Hits $1B Valuation

View, a Silicon Valley maker of electrochromatic smart glass for buildings, has raised $200 million in new VC funding at a source tells Axios is a post-money valuation north of $1 billion. BlackRock and TIAA Investments were joined by unspecified existing shareholders in the company, which previously raised over $500 million from firms like Khosla Ventures, Westley Group, Corning, Madrone Capital Partners and DBL Investors. 
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VC-Backed Reddit Seeks $1.7B Valuation

Reddit, an online platform that enables its users to submit links, create content and have discussions, is looking for more funding. The company has previously raised money from investors including Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Jared Leto, and Snoop Dogg. 
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Stanford Endowment CEO Wallace Urges Caution On Private Equity

Robert Wallace, the head of Stanford University’s $25 billion endowment, urged caution when investing in private equity and venture capital, saying that an excess of capital is driving some company valuations higher. Wallace, who trained at Yale University under David Swensen, said that while the two asset classes offer the best opportunities for outsize market returns, or so-called alpha, investors need to be selective in choosing managers. There’s a lot of...
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CPPIB Says It's Losing Out On Infrastructure Deals

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), one of the world’s biggest infrastructure investors, is regularly losing out in bidding wars for such assets, its chief executive said, as investors seek alternatives to low-yielding government bonds. CPPIB is one of the world’s biggest investors in infrastructure such as roads, bridges and tunnels but its CEO Mark Machin said high valuations were making it harder to do deals in the current environment. “We are consistently outbid for assets around the world because they are really priced almost to perfection and there’s an enormous amount of capital chasing infrastructure, particularly in developed markets,”...
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