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Here's What Corporate Buyers Can Expect From Green Tariffs

With 20 offerings either approved or pending, there's more variety but still not much choice. : Editor's Note: This is Part II of a two-part series on utility renewable energy programs. Part I describes the rise of renewable energy tariffs and core elements that meet the needs of corporate buyers. To date, utility renewable energy offerings aimed at meeting the needs of large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers have had mixed success. These programs, which have evolved over the past five years, vary greatly.
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National Grid Releases Plans For Innovation, Customer Opportunities, And A Clean Energy Future

NY Utilities Submit Distributed System Implementation Plans That Support Making New York the National Energy Leader with a Safe, Clean, Modern SystemAug 1, 2018 4:00 PM ETTweet This: . @nationalgridus submits its updated Distributed System Implementation Plan for New York, supporting the transition to a cleaner, more efficient energy future. Press ReleaseNational Grid has submitted its 2018 Distributed System Implementation Plan, providing a detailed roadmap for building the capabilities necessary to integrate more distributed energy resources, support markets for innovative products and services, and drive further progress toward New York's clean energy goals.
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Are High Oil Prices Starting To Hurt Wind Power?

Cheap gas, partly driven by high oil prices, might be starting to hurt wind power, and this will only get exacerbated as the Production Tax Credit expires.
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India's Infra Deficit Too Large, Will Take Time To Be Eliminated: S&p | Business Standard News

S&P Global Ratings today said India's infrastructure deficit is "too large" and the country still has a long way to go before it can close the sizable deficit between supply and demand. "India's infrastructure deficit is simply too large to eliminate any time soon. Infrastructure takes time to build, and perhaps more so in India than for many other countries," S&P Global Ratings credit analyst Abhishek Dangra said. The Indian government estimates infrastructure investment of USD 4.5 trillion will be needed through 2040, it said.
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Alaska Is Offering Entrepreneurs A Huge Renewable Energy Opportunity

The widely scattered residents of the largest state are looking for alternatives to reduce their onerous energy costs. : It's crazy that Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas but its largest city has only 304,000 people. It's isolated from the rest of the country. Due to its weather, terrain and lack of adequate infrastructure, Alaska has the highest cost of energy in the nation behind Hawaii. And it has the third highest per capita consumption of energy in the nation! It seems ironic that Alaska, known in the lower 48 for its oil pipeline, would now be promoting alternative energy.
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Study: Aggressive Renewable Energy Standards Spur Solar, Wind Investments

Researchers from a trio of universities, including the University of Utah, explored renewable energy standards across 30...: SALT LAKE CITY -- New research says states that take the lead on embracing renewable energy investments help drive down costs on the technology, ultimately passing those savings on to energy consumers. States, the study found, that have strict renewable energy standards foster greater expansion of wind development and solar power by utility companies. "Strong laws work really well and weak laws don't," said Lincoln Davies, a University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law professor.
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State-owned Thai Oil Company Unit To Invest More In Myanmar - Nikkei Asian Review

As well as being able to load content faster than ever before, you'll now find it's much easier to find all the content you need about the Asian business world. BANGKOK -- Thailand's PTT Exploration and Production, a subsidiary of Thailand's national oil and gas conglomerate PTT, plans to greatly expand its investment in Myanmar.
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Smart Inverters As A Grid Resource: A Snapshot Of The Latest R&d; Out Of California

GTM Squared delivers premium content in the form of in-depth article series, research highlights, and multimedia extras. Go beyond our everyday coverage and gain insider access to our experts. Pacific Gas & Electric's interim report shows that smart inverters can indeed stabilize the grid--but reliable communications and customer acquisition will be challenges. Solar smart inverters are going to be a key grid edge technology. First, they're going to enable rooftop solar PV systems to automatically stabilize their own collective disruptions to the grid.
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No Longer A Novelty, Clean Energy Technologies Boom All Across The Us

It was 1997, and stakeholders were working hard to help craft the first renewable energy standard in the State of Massachusetts, which ultimately passed as part of an electric utility restructuring act. At that time, the notion that Massachusetts would be one of the top solar states in the country was almost laughable, recalls Rob Sargent, who currently leads the energy program at Environment America. Today, renewable energy is taking off in virtually every state in the nation. A new report and interactive map released this week by Environment America takes stock of U.S. clean energy progress to date.
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A Snapshot Of The U.s. Market For Smart Solar Inverters

Advanced solar inverters could be one of the biggest distributed energy resource (DER) communications and control points out there someday. With California now requiring at least early-stage "smart" capabilities from all new solar projects -- and a standards roadmap for next-stage efforts like real-time communications and active controls -- this future now has a template. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about how smart inverters will be used. That was the consensus at Intersolar this week, where experts discussed the latest developments on the U.S. smart solar inverter front.
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