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Private Equity In Healthcare: What To Know

Investments in healthcare have more than tripled since 2015. As a result, private equity firms now own about 25% of hospitals in the United States — and this figure will likely continue to grow.
Read by 50% of LPs October 21, 2020

As Startups Accelerate In Record Q3, Europe And Asia Rack Up Huge VC Results

The two continents enjoyed more venture capital investment into their local startups than in some time, underscoring that strong VC results the U.S. saw in the third quarter were not a fluke, but part of a broader trend.
Read by 35% of LPs May 26, 2020

Chinese Companies Added To U.S. Blacklist In Latest Beijing Rebuke

The United States said it would add 33 Chinese firms and institutions to an economic blacklist for helping Beijing spy on its minority Uighur population or because of ties to weapons of mass destruction and China's military.
Read by 33% of LPs December 09, 2019

China Is Probably Outspending U.S. In AI--But Not On Defense

There is a number that floats around Washington, DC, circles about how much the Chinese government is projected to spend on AI: $70 billion by 2020, up from an estimated $12 billion in 2017.
Read by 71% of LPs September 30, 2019

U.S. Pulling Investments From China Would Be An 'Unmitigated Disaster'

U.S.-China trade talks hit a snag as the White House weighed limiting U.S. investments in China, which would be an "unmitigated disaster" if it came to pass, says Yale's Stephen Roach.
Read by 63% of LPs September 11, 2019

As Trade War Pinches China, It Opens Doors Wide For Foreign Money

As the Sino-U.S. trade war drags on, Beijing is throwing its door wide open to foreign investors as concerns grow over declining exports, capital flight and persistent yuan weakness.
Read by 65% of LPs February 19, 2019

Ex-Goldman Exec To Return To Face Charges Over 1MDB

Roger Ng, a former Goldman Sachs bank executive who is currently in jail in Malaysia, has agreed to voluntarily return to the United States to face abetment charges in a scheme to loot state investment firm 1MDB.
Read by 39% of LPs January 22, 2019

China Is Closing Innovation Gap With America

Innovation could help China compete against the U.S. head to head in high-tech industries, intensifying the ongoing trade-war.
Read by 57% of LPs January 15, 2019

VC Investment Reaches Record $41.8B In Q4 2018

While the IPO market in the U.S. gained strength in 2018, many U.S. unicorn companies remained on the fence to see longer-term results.
Read by 67% of LPs December 30, 2018

Trade Wars Cost U.S., China Agri Industries Billions In 2018

The U.S.-China trade war resulted in billions of dollars of losses for both sides in 2018, hitting industries including autos, technology - and above all, agriculture.
Read by 69% of LPs