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Trusted Insight Launches New 'Institutional Forum'

Similar to "Quora," a question-and-answer website, our new forum enables limited partners to ask questions, connect with peers, and share timely investor insights. Recent discussions include how institutional peers and their respective organizations are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. We welcome your thought leadership and discussion!
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September 06, 2018

16 Of The Most Influential U.S. Family Offices, Part 2

Often the leaders of industry - steel, railroads, consumer staples - these families shape how we conduct our day-to-day lives. They also operate on a more subterranean level through philanthropic endeavors, political activism and funding new, and sometimes moonshot, ventures.
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August 28, 2018

16 Of The Most Influential U.S. Family Offices, Part 1

For better or worse, the world is often shaped by the outsized influence of the world's wealthiest individuals. Often the leaders of industry - steel, railroads, consumer staples - these families shape how we conduct our day-to-day lives.
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February 28, 2018

4 Pillars To Building An Investment Office From Scratch

As interest rates have dropped to historic lows and equity markets have become increasingly crowded, the importance of a sophisticated investment office has become an integral part of many institutions. Trusted Insight spoke with chief investment officers tasked with establishing or rebuilding the investment program for leading institutional investment offices. While the circumstances of each overhaul vary case by case, these CIOs outlined similar blueprints:
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December 26, 2017

4 Basic Tenets Of Institutional Investment Success

Since 2015, Trusted Insight has been polling senior institutional investors about the most important keys to success in their jobs. While their answers vary greatly, there are four simple, yet crucial tenets that investment professionals with more than 20 years of experience repeatedly expounded:
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October 24, 2017

4 Elements That Retain Talent At Public Pensions

There is a quiet war for investment talent, and public pension funds are often disadvantaged at attracting and retaining staff. However, there are four elements that commonly attract top-tier talent to these positions, according to interviews with 12 chief investment officers at public pension funds located across the United States.
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September 13, 2017

4 Key Traits For Landing A Family Office Job

Investing on behalf of a family office is a highly coveted career within institutional investing. Because every office is fundamentally different from the next, there is no orthodox path to landing a family office job. There are, however, a few commonalities. Trusted Insight compiled a list of four key traits valued by family offices, sourced from 14 interviews with senior investors at single-family offices.
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June 09, 2017

4 LP Tips For Structuring The Best Investment Team

Structuring an effective team that carries out a firm's investment philosophy is key to portfolio performance. While there is no single formula for investment team building, during Trusted Insight's interviews with institutional investors, we identified four key features of some of the most successful investment teams in the world.
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June 02, 2017

10 Most Important Reads Of The Week - June 2, 2017

It has been an eventful week, and it's easy to fall behind. Here are the 10 most important reads of the week.
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June 01, 2017

Top LP Advice On Changing Career Path

Throughout Trusted Insight’s interviews with world-class investment professionals, we discovered that many industry leaders have gone through career path changes to get to where they are today. They are former lawyers, engineers, cancer researchers and military officers before they found a passion in institutional investing.
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