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November 21, 2018

Teacher Retirement System of Texas On Being 'A Top-Performing Institutional Investor' | Will Carpenter, Senior Portfolio Manager | Q&A

Will Carpenter is a senior portfolio manager for private equity principal investments with the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, where he leads deal teams in investment due diligence, valuation and ongoing portfolio management for private equity co-investments. In this interview, he discusses his experience moving back to Texas to serve that constituency after spending years in New York City, the positive impact that veteran investor Britt Harris had on TRS and the organization's next steps in being a top-performing institutional investor.
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April 20, 2018

UTIMCO's Strategy For 'Being Among The Best Endowments' | Britt Harris, CEO & CIO | Exclusive Q&A

Britt Harris is the president, chief executive officer and chief investment officer at The University of Texas/Texas A&M Investment Management Company (UTIMCO). In this interview, he discusses the endowment's in-depth strategy in remaining as one of the best in the U.S.; his goal in molding 500 plus investment leaders (called Titans); and how human judgment and machine learning are complementary to each other in the investment process.
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Texas Offers A Broad Range Of RE Investment Opportunities

Texas might as well be called the United States of Texas because of the broad range of real estate markets and is a microcosm of what's happening in the rest of the U.S. - more of the growth, population, and real estate opportunity getting concentrated in fewer, larger markets.
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Rush Harvey Joins Texas A&M Foundation As Director Of Investments

The Texas A&M Foundation has hired Rush Harvey, who assumed the role of Director of Investments on Feb. 1. The Texas A&M Foundation had been strategically looking to add to its investment team given an increase in both the size and complexity of its endowment. Harvey previously served as Director of Investments at the Kansas State University Foundation in Manhattan, Kansas. In this role, he worked in conjunction with the chief investment officer in managing endowed assets on behalf of Kansas State University.
Read by 49% of LPs December 13, 2017

Texas County & District Retirement System Chief Investment Officer Paul Williams Announces Retirement

The TCDRS Board of Trustees has announced the selection of Casey Wolf as the new Chief Investment Officer. Wolf succeeds Paul Williams, who recently announced his retirement after 22 years with TCDRS. Williamss' retirement is scheduled for spring 2018.
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Texas Endowment Wants 'Fair And Just' Hedge Fund Fees

The University of Texas Investment Management Co. is trying to change how its hedge fund managers are paid using a model known as 1-or-30 which charges a 1 percent management fee or 30 percent of performance, whichever is higher.
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Here's How Many Barrels Of Oil Have Been Lost To Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey (now Tropical Storm Harvey, and on his way out) has taken millions of barrels of oil out of the U.S. energy market. Here's how much oil has ceased to be produced because of Harvey, according to S&P Global Platts.
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Hedge Funds Lend Oil A Hand On The Choppy Road To The $50s

<p>Oil seems to have hedge funds in its corner as futures stagger toward $50 (Dh183) a barrel.</p> <p>Money managers haven&rsquo;t been so optimistic about West Texas Intermediate crude since April, piling on bets that prices will rise while short-sellers step back. It helps that supplies in the US, the biggest oil consumer, have shrunk to the lowest this year.</p>
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Simplistic Real Estate Investments Drive Simple Success

Tom Masthay is the director of real assets at&nbsp;Texas Municipal Retirement System. He led approximately $1 billion in real estate investment in 2016 for Texas MRS. In this presentation, Masthay navigated the real estate industry through charts and numbers, and explains why &ldquo;cool investments don&rsquo;t often get compensated.&rdquo; He also identified a number of emerging real estate trends that are potentially profitable for institutional investors. The presentation was taped during Trusted Insight Alpha Conference on Jun. 14, 2017 in San Francisco.
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The Real-Life Telenovela About A $2.4B Tortilla Fortune

When Lorena Tassinari walked into a Dallas courtroom to claim a share of Mexico&rsquo;s largest tortilla fortune, she had all the charm and fame of a former telenovela star on her side. She still walked out with nothing. Tassinari says she married the late tortilla king, Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, aboard his luxury yacht and shared his final three years. But the Texas judge, like predecessors in Mexico, ruled in favor of Gonzalez&rsquo;s wife of half a century, Graciela Moreno Hernandez. The legal saga isn&rsquo;t quite over: Tassinari has appealed the latest verdict.&nbsp;
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