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Family Offices Become Serious Rivals To VC Firms For Funding Startups

Sequoia's post announcing a radical overhaul of its investment practices is a significant moment for the venture capital industry. The firm is facing more competition than ever for the affections of those creative spirits and independent thinkers, by which it means start-up founders, whose options for raising capital now range far beyond traditional VC.
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The Bright New Age Of Venture Capital

Startups like Airbnb trimmed their workforce in expectation of an economic bloodbath. Yet within months the gloom had lifted and a historic boom had begun. America unleashed a raft of stimulus measures; the dominance of tech firms increased as locked-down consumers spent even more of their lives online.
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This News Can Revolutionize Investment In Startups

Recently, Sequoia, one of the leading funds in venture capital investments, has notified about a radical change to the structure of its fund, which will avoid limitations in the duration that can maintain its investments and make more flexible the type of investments that can perform.
Read by 65% of LPs November 11, 2021

A Record-Breaking Amount Of Venture Capital Funding To Finnish Startups

Finnish startups raised a record-breaking amount of venture capital investments from domestic and foreign investors in the first half of 2021 - the total amount of last year's investments has already been exceeded in the early part of the year alone.
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Tulane University Startup Report Shows Investment Gains For New Orleans Ventures

New Orleans startups are making substantial gains in attracting investment funding while also adopting more flexible work options and scaling back their office expansion plans, according to the recent findings.
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VC Investment Passes $2B In Ohio For First Time

Ohio's startups and high-growth technology companies for the first time have topped $2 billion in venture capital investment in 2021, with three months yet to go in the year. The deals have attracted firms from Silicon Valley, NYC, Atlanta, and around the country that never looked Ohio's way before.
Read by 32% of LPs October 08, 2021

Global Startups Raise $158B In Q3, An All-Time Record

Following a record-breaking second quarter, venture capitalists around the world stayed busy in Q3, investing astronomical sums into global startups. The acceleration of capital deployment has generated more unicorns, more mega-rounds and simply more available dollars than ever before in the history of startups.
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Google Will Invest $1B In Africa In Next Five Years

Google is aiming to improve the continent's internet connectivity and support startups. During its first Google for Africa event, the search giant launched an Africa Investment Fund designed to help out startups by giving them access to its employees and tech.
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VCs Say There Are More Startup Opportunities To Chase In Latin America

Regions once overlooked by the venture capital industry are racking up impressive investment totals in recent quarters. African startups were once long ignored by the global VC scene, with totals for the continent's upstart technology companies representing a fraction of the funds made available to other regions' next-generation companies.
Read by 60% of LPs September 22, 2021

House Democrats Propose Limit On A Popular Tech Industry Tax Break

As Democrats seek ways to cover their $3.5 trillion spending package, lawmakers are floating a new limit on a popular write-off for technology startups and other industries.
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