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VC Funding For AI Startups Hit Record High In 2018

AI startups experienced their best funding year ever, raising a record $9.33 billion, or nearly 10% of last year's total VC investments that reached $99.5 billion, an 18-year high since the dot-com era.
Read by 79% of LPs February 12, 2019

How 27-Year-Old CEO Built $1B Fashion Startup

A fashion platform with a valuation approaching $1 billion began when Ankiti Bose, then an analyst at Sequoia India, chatted with a neighbor at a house party in the Indian tech capital Bengaluru.
Read by 44% of LPs February 06, 2019

How Students Are Founding, Funding And Joining Startups

Young founders who want to start companies while still in school have an increasing number of resources to tap into that exist just for them.
Read by 72% of LPs February 05, 2019

Approach To Increasing Investment In Women-Led Startups

What if startups chose for themselves who should get money? What if VCs aren't soothsaying wise men who are uniquely qualified to predict the future of male and female CEOs alike?
Read by 74% of LPs January 08, 2019

Canadian VC, Startup Predictions For 2019

Institutional investors take more interest in the technology sector, and Canadian startups continue to make their mark on the world stage.
Read by 47% of LPs January 06, 2019

How To Size The Market Opportunity

When it comes to obtaining venture capital, you must have a solid understanding of the market opportunity. The main reason is that a VC firm needs a few deals to generate substantial returns, so as to offset the inevitable losers.
Read by 55% of LPs December 25, 2018

Silicon Valley Faces Four Challengers, All In China

For decades the U.S. was the world's startup leader, spawning a generation of companies, especially in technology, that went on to become world leaders. Silicon Valley is looking over its shoulder at China, and for good reason: 16,000 companies are born there every day.
Read by 64% of LPs December 19, 2018

What's Up With The VC Landscape?

The difference between VCs and entrepreneurs is that VCs have the portfolio, but entrepreneurs create all the value and take all the risk. Alex Bangash brought up an interesting thought: look at Elon Musk, a serial entrepreneur building multiple companies at once. Today, an entrepreneur could have a portfolio (many companies, many products) because the price of starting a company has come down.
Read by 37% of LPs December 18, 2018

Hedge Funds To Startups, Industry Feels Crypto Pain

This time last year, bitcoin was cruising to $20,000. Fast forward 12 months, and bitcoin is trading around $3,300 while other cryptocurrencies have reversed course, weighing heavily on investor confidence and the industry.
Read by 74% of LPs December 13, 2018

Trusted Insight CEO Talks VC Landscape

In this fireside chat, Jyri Engerstrom, co-founder and general partner at Yes VC, and Alex Bangash, CEO at Trusted Insight, discuss disruption in the venture capital landscape. Alex has been an active investor ahead of many trends in the venture capital scene and here's what he had to share.
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