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Tech Layoffs At Private Companies Are Putting Employee Equity In Limbo

More than 8,000 startup employees have been cut this month, according to recent data. Let that sink in: In 15 days—in 11 working days—more than 8,000 people have lost their source of income.
Read by 74% of LPs June 13, 2022

Investors Show Latin American Fintech Startups The Money

The global funding boom in 2021 was unlike anything most of us have ever seen before. While countries all over the world saw surges in venture capital investments, Latin America in particular saw a massive bump in dollars invested.
Read by 75% of LPs June 01, 2022

European VCs Urge Tech Startups To Slash Costs

Following a bumper 2021 that was full of IPOs and mega funding rounds, some of the most valuable start-ups in Europe are now laying off significant numbers of staff and drastically scaling back their expansion plans.
Read by 33% of LPs May 31, 2022

Startup Investors Issue Warnings As Boom Times 'Unambiguously Over'

With tech stocks cratering through the first five months of 2022 and the Nasdaq on pace for its second-worst quarter since the 2008 financial crisis, start-up investors are telling their portfolio companies they won't be spared in the fallout, and that conditions could be worsening.
Read by 38% of LPs May 27, 2022

Venture Capital Firms Have Very Bad News For Startups

"No one can predict how bad the economy will get, but things don't look good, " the accelerator wrote in a letter that portfolio founders received called "Economic Downturn." "The safe move is to plan for the worst."
Read by 66% of LPs May 26, 2022

Investors Discuss U.S. Cannabis Market's Prospects In Q3 2022

Cannabis is still a long way from being legal at the federal level in the United States, but startups in the space -- and their investors -- aren't deterred. Indeed, many are braving a tough journey because they see the potential and opportunity in the long term.
Read by 56% of LPs May 17, 2022

Wave Of Layoffs At Startups Foretell A Slow Summer For Venture Investing

For the past couple of years, startup founders got used to the love they received from venture investors, who seemed to be climbing over one another to secure deals. It's unclear whether this is a bump in the road or a washout, but market participants said to expect at least a slow summer for VC investment.
Read by 53% of LPs May 12, 2022

Best Case And Worst Case Scenarios For The VC Market

Tech companies are having a rough month. Startups are announcing layoffs, valuations have dropped in both public and private markets, and venture capitalists are doing fewer deals. The boom-time vibe is over, and tech Twitter is replete with tips on tightening the belt.
Read by 37% of LPs May 04, 2022

Venture Capital Market Sees Funding Levels Drop While Valuations Rise

After setting a feverish investing pace last year, venture capitalists took their foot off the gas in this year's first quarter. At the same time, valuations largely continued to rise, a dynamic that is causing some investors to expect a price drop for startups this year.
Read by 64% of LPs April 27, 2022

As The Pandemic Wanes, VCs Are Investing Less In Health-Focused Startups

This year's global deceleration of the venture capital market is broad, impacting most startup ecosystems, sectors and stages. In the first quarter of 2022, CB Insights' dataset indicates that some $10.4 billion was invested into global health tech startups. That figure is off 36% from Q4 2021.
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