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How B.grimm Head Harald Link Is Investing Heavily On Renewable Energy As Part Of A $2B Plan To Deliver Exponential—and Sustainable—growth

The 145-year-company looking to partnerships, deals overseas to rapidly grow its green portfolio of solar, wind and hydro projects. : On the sidelines of a conference panel on sustainability, Harald Link, chairman of storied B.Grimm group, methodically describes the rapid repositioning of one of Thailand’s oldest companies for a low-carbon future: After three decades of firm footing in Thailand’s power business, B.Grimm is embarking on a massive expansion drive to capture growth opportunities in renewable energy outside its home turf.
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Bcpg Planning To Sell Solar Farms In Japan

BCPG Plc, the power generation arm of energy conglomerate Bangchak Group, has decided to sell all nine of its solar farms in Japan in a move to adjust a long-term renewable energy investment.
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Uranium Energy Corp.: The Best Uranium Stock To Buy (nyse:uec)

I describe in simple terms why nuclear energy is important, what nuclear fuel is and how to think about it, and why there's a change in the political wind toward accepting nuclear energy to complement the energy transition. Uranium, as the primary fuel for nuclear energy, plays a pivotal role in our journey towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Nuclear power stands as a low-carbon energy source with the capability to generate vast amounts of electricity consistently.
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China's Energy Sector Invests In Hydrogen Projects To Achieve National Dual Carbon Goals – China Money Network

Amidst China’s Dual Carbon Goals, the nation’s traditional energy sector, especially its state-owned energy conglomerates, is increasingly investing in the hydrogen energy sector. This move is seen as a strategic addition to their broader alternative energy portfolio. The Dual Carbon Goals aims for China to reach its peak carbon dioxide emissions before the year 2030 […] China’s Energy Sector Invests in Hydrogen Projects to Achieve National Dual Carbon Goals comes from China Money Network: Primary Data for China's Primary Markets! All Rights Reserved.
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The New Green Investment: Getting Clean Energy To Big Cities

EnergyRe, a startup backed by real-estate executives, raises $1.2 billion for transmission lines to carry renewable electricity to urban areas.
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Clean Energy Council Notes Decline In Australian Renewable Energy Investment – Pv Magazine International

Investment in Australia’s renewable energy sector is more than 10 times lower than what it should be to reach 2030 targets, according to a new report by the Clean Energy Council.
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Stagnant World Economy To Lower Oil Prices Next Year

Dubai crude oil reference prices are expected to fall to US$83-85 per barrel next year based on slow global economic growth, says Phichin Aphiwantanaporn, senior executive vice-president of IRPC Plc, the petrochemical arm of national oil and gas conglomerate PTT Plc.
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Renewable Energy Has Mibel Recording Lowest Euro Prices In The Final Week Of November – Pv Magazine International

Strong solar and wind meant MIBEL recorded the lowest energy prices compared to the other major European markets in the final week of November, according to data collected by Aleasoft Energy Forecasting.
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Swedish Clean Energy Firm Aira Plans Yorkshire Training Facility As Part Of £300M Investment

The specialist in heat pumps, solar panels and battery storage says it wants to accelerate uptake of the tech in UK homes.
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Enel Sets $39B Three-year Capex, To Be Selective On Re | Rigzone

Enel has set $39.05 billion in capex for the next three years with 'selective investment' in renewable energy generation. : Global electricity giant Enel SPA has set EUR 35.8 billion ($39.05 billion) in capital expenditure for the next three years with “selective investment” in renewable energy generation. The Italian company expects renewable power to grow but sees a need to expand storage infrastructure to support the growth. The 2024–26 capex includes EUR 18.6 billion ($20.28 billion) for grid upgrading and expansion and EUR 12.1 billion ($13.2 billion) for renewables.
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