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May 29, 2020

City Of San Jose Leveraging Its Proximity To Silicon Valley | CIO Prabhu Palani | Q&A

Prabhu Palani is the CIO of the City of San Jose's Retirement System, one of the 10 largest cities in the U.S., where he manages a $6 billion multi-asset class portfolio for two distinct plans. In this interview, he discusses his successful experiences working with some of the largest institutional buy-side firms, why the City of San Jose takes on an endowment-like approach with exposure to private asset classes, and how he plans on leveraging the proximity to Silicon Valley to generate healthy returns.
Read by 70% of LPs April 22, 2020

New Data Details Decline In Silicon Valley's Q1 Venture Activity

If the deterioration in deal volume persists into Q2, the United States' largest startup market could be in for more than a bump as the global pandemic slows economic activity.
Read by 78% of LPs January 22, 2020

U.S.-China Tech Dispute Breeds Suspicion In Silicon Valley

This is not the first time that the U.S. government's fears over technology have placed undue suspicion on immigrants with a Chinese connection.
Read by 35% of LPs October 08, 2019

Silicon Valley's Mantra Of Spend Big, Grow Fast? It's Changing

Startup investors are warning of reckoning after the stumbles of some high-profile "unicorns." Now turning a profit is in.
Read by 38% of LPs October 01, 2019

Silicon Valley VCs Plan To Get Bankers Out Of IPO Business

Venture capitalists and executives from hundreds of private companies will meet in Silicon Valley to discuss whether the financial industry's system for IPOs is still working after a year in which many of the biggest deals flopped.
Read by 30% of LPs September 12, 2019

IPOs Put Silicon Valley On 'Bad End Of A Bad Joke,' Says Bill Gurley

Bill Gurley of venture firm Benchmark says there are significant discrepancies between IPOs and direct listings that startups shouldn't ignore.
Read by 33% of LPs August 09, 2019

Peter Thiel: Life And Rise Of The Silicon Valley Investor

Peter Thiel, one of Silicon Valley's most successful and controversial venture capitalists, has a problem with Google. Thiel accused the search engine of being unpatriotic for operating an artificial intelligence lab in China while simultaneously developing artificial intelligence for the Pentagon.
Read by 63% of LPs August 06, 2019

Scale AI Is Silicon Valley's Latest Unicorn

Behind every self-driving car or cashier-less Amazon Go convenience store sit thousands of humans whose job it is to train computers to see.
Read by 30% of LPs July 22, 2019

Microsoft Invests $1B In Partnership With Elon Musk's OpenAI

Industry luminaries including Musk and Peter Thiel committed at least $1 billion to the nonprofit to build A.I. that could match or improve on the technology being developed by tech giants such as Google, Facebook Inc. and Microsoft.
Read by 72% of LPs May 01, 2019

Silicon Valley Is Awash In Chinese And Saudi Cash

A tough, new enforcement regime is becoming a geopolitical minefield for venture capitalists and startups. This is Silicon Valley in 2019 -- a playground for foreign countries eager to fulfill their grand strategies.
Read by 47% of LPs