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PE Investors Scout For Deals In Vietnam's Renewable Energy Sector

Private equity investors are increasingly evincing interest in Vietnam's renewable energy sector as the country, which has long relied on coal and hydropower for electricity production, seeks private investments in alternative resources
Read by 48% of LPs April 03, 2018

Saudis Push To Be Renewable Energy Powerhouse

Saudi engineers whip up a simulated sandstorm to test a solar panel's durability at a research lab, the heart of the oil-rich kingdom's multibillion-dollar quest to be a renewable energy powerhouse.
Read by 42% of LPs April 01, 2014

Renewables are Replacing Nuclear in Japan

Tokyo Electric Power Co. and three other utilities are contemplating boosting non-nuclear thermal power generation by either building new facilities or expanding existing plants....
Read by 73% of LPs March 24, 2014

Cleantech vs. Renewables or Green Infrastructure... | Akuo Investment Management

Run the Preqin numbers again... if many Renewable deals have shown great performance, and ours have done so, most tend to agree that except Tesla and Solar City clean-tech deals have been loss makin...
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March 18, 2014

Renewable Energy and the Energy Transition

A History from the History Channel on Renewable Energy and transitioning to different types of energy over time
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