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The Infrastructure Stimulus, What Is Wrong With Private Investment?

Robust private investment in our infrastructure, adding energy and creativity to the current public model (now and for the next 3-5 years operating at a 30% deficit) will save the day, bringing new solutions, discipline and genius to the design, construction and operation of the structures we need.
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April 29, 2020

Baylor University Identifying 'Prudent Ways' To Add Alpha | Renee Hanna, Director of Investments, Private Investments | Q&A

Renee Hanna joined the Baylor University Office of Investments in 2008. She currently serves as director of investments responsible for the investment and management of the private equity and real asset allocations. In this interview, she discussed how Baylor's investment office identifies ways to add incremental alpha; the multi-year effort in building out their venture program; and why she believes investor peers should stick together and exchange market insights.
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Trusted Insight Launches New 'Institutional Forum'

Similar to "Quora," a question-and-answer website, our new forum enables limited partners to ask questions, connect with peers, and share timely investor insights. Recent discussions include how institutional peers and their respective organizations are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. We welcome your thought leadership and discussion!
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Hedge Funds Turn To Private Capital Playbook In Search Of Assets

Hedge funds are trying on new stripes as the industry's traditional investing style loses its luster. Dan Sundheim likes private equity. Tom Wagner seeks a drawdown fund. Steve Cohen eyes venture capital.
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May 10, 2019

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation On Balancing Quantitative Rigor, Qualitative Judgment | Monica Spencer, Senior Portfolio Manager | Q&A

Monica Spencer serves at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as a senior portfolio manager. In this interview, she discusses her role working closely with their new CIO; why she believes asset allocators may be more diverse than asset managers; and why balance quantitative rigor with a qualitative sense is an important balance at Mellon.
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April 10, 2019

Arizona State Retirement System Using Tech To 'Slice-And-Dice' Investment Opportunities | Eric Glass, Senior Portfolio Manager | Q&A

Eric Glass is a senior portfolio manager at the Arizona State Retirement System, where he oversees the private market portfolio. In this interview, he shares the reasons behind ASRS' success in the last decade, why they are less bureaucratic than their pension peers, and how the investment office is using cutting edge tools to analyze investment opportunities.
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February 19, 2019

Inside Pennsylvania PSERS' Successful Private Markets Program | Darren Foreman, Senior Portfolio Manager | Q&A

Darren Foreman is the senior portfolio manager of private markets and co-investments at the Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS). In this interview, he discusses PSERS' successful in-house private equity co-investment program, why he has a preference for GPs with exposure to multiple countries in their investment strategy, and the benefits of having a tenured private markets team
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January 30, 2019

Pensions Focusing On A 'More Direct Method Of Investing' | City Of San Jose | Brian Starr, Head Of Private Markets | Q&A

Brian Starr joined the City of San Jose Retirement Services in June 2014. He serves as head of private markets after several years managing global fixed income and private debt. In this interview, he discusses the cost-effectiveness of managing direct investment programs, the competitive advantages that the City of San Jose is finding in venture and why he believes the LP community should stick together.
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Private Investors Sitting On $40B Cash Pile Targeting India Bets

Such record levels of dry powder in the market suggest an improvement in the fundraising environment, and reflect growing interest of limited partners in the India story.
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October 04, 2018

Market Valuation Is 'The Main Element Of Uncertainty' | Oklahoma State University Foundation, Brian Graeme | Q&A

Brian Graeme is a senior investment associate of private strategies at the Oklahoma State University Foundation. In this interview, Graeme discusses how his past experience investing billions in the technology sector helps him better understand a manager's perspective, why the amount of dry powder in private equity is concerning and what he believes are the key drivers to the Foundation's success.
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