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Long/short Hedge Funds Get Crushed By Bearish Bets In July

( Global long/short hedge funds, those that bet stocks will fall or rise, were forced to unwind bearish bets that were dragging down performance for most of July, a Goldman Sachs report showed on Monday. Long/short are on track to post the worst monthly so-called alpha performance since May 2022, which considers gains in excess to...
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Atlas Responsible Investors Launches Ucits Version Of Long/short Equity Impact Fund

Parisian hedge fund Atlas Responsible Investors has launched the UCITS version of its long/short equity impact strategy, providing access to a wider range of investors.
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Millennium Global Launches Systematic Long/short Currency Hedge Fund

Millennium Global launches systematic long/short currency hedge fund Submitted 15/09/2021 - 1:21pm Currency-focused investment manager Millennium Global Investments has launched a new systematic long/short currency hedge fund strategy to tap into burgeoning demand for non-correlated returns in what it calls a “favourable” investment environment. The Millennium Systematic Currency Alpha Strategy takes long and short positions in nine developed market currencies versus the US dollar, using a proprietary systematic investment model. Specifically, the investment algorithm is built around forward-looking momentum signals which will determine the probability of range expansion, trend reversals and gap risk as well as currency risk premia analysed using sparse-learning techniques.
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Brummer Multi-strategy Ends August In Red, As Flagship Adds Financials-focused Long/short Hedge Fund

Brummer Multi-Strategy ends August in red, as flagship adds financials-focused long/short hedge fund Submitted By Hugh Leask | 03/09/2021 - 5:02pm Brummer & Partners’ flagship multi-strategy vehicle slipped into the red during August, with all but two of its underlying managers posting losses during the month. The slide comes as the Stockholm-based fund began allocating capital to Kersley Financials, a new financials-focused long/short equity strategy, on 1 September. Overall, Brummer Multi-Strategy fell 1.1 per cent last month, a loss which dragged down its year-to-date performance to -0.9 per cent.
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Market Neutral Long/short Hedge Funds’ Recent Bounce Remains Vulnerable To Factor Rotations, Says Lyxor

Market neutral long/short hedge funds’ recent bounce remains vulnerable to factor rotations, says Lyxor Submitted By Hugh Leask | 12/04/2021 - 1:25pm Market neutral long/short hedge funds have been boosted by the recent bounce in Momentum stocks – but Lyxor Asset Management strategists believe the strategy is vulnerable to sudden factor rotations over the longer-term. The performance of Momentum stocks has stabilised in recent weeks, following the sharp correction in November, in turn aiding certain hedge fund strategies – such as market neutral long/short – which have a Momentum bias.
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Active Credit Managers – Long/short Credit Funds Have Leptokurtic Return Distribution

From the paper by Diogo Palhares & Scott Richardson: “Looking Under the Hood of Active Credit Managers” (Financial Analysts Journal, 2020)   Credit investors beware: actively managed credit hedge funds may provide more beta than expected and mutual funds too little. This paper investigates just how much traditional risk premia is responsible for active credit manager fund returns. […]
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Axiom Targets Credit Market Dislocation With New Long/short Hedge Fund Launch

Axiom targets credit market dislocation with new long/short hedge fund launch Submitted By Hugh Leask | 02/07/2020 - 1:00pm Axiom Alternative Investments, the USD1.7 billion French investment manager, has launched its first global long/short credit fund in a UCITS format, which aims to capitalise on investment opportunities arising out of credit dislocations following the coronavirus pandemic. Axiom Long/Short Credit, run by portfolio manager Gilles Frisch, trades US and European high yield debt instruments, specifically cash bonds along with vanilla high yield derivatives.
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Cheyne Capital Gains Traction With Credit Dislocation Focus, As Long/short Hedge Fund Maintains Momentum

Cheyne Capital gains traction with credit dislocation focus, as long/short hedge fund maintains momentum Submitted By Hugh Leask | 14/05/2020 - 12:11pm Cheyne Capital, the London-based credit and multi-strategy alternative investment manager, has continued to attract investor allocations during this year’s turbulence with its focus on market dislocations, as its thematic long/short equity hedge fund notched up successive gains in March and April.
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Long/short Fund Returns 23.2% In April

An ASX-listed global equities long/short fund has returned 23.2% in April, as global bourses rebounded following their March lows. : An ASX-listed global equities long/short fund has returned 23.2% in April, as global bourses rebounded following their March lows. L1 Capital's Long Short fund lifted 23.16% pre-tax during the month, however the fund is still down 11.57% since the beginning of the year - and down 9.53% over the past 12 months. It's the fund's strongest month on record, with performance broadly spread by stock and sector.
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Jp Morgan Targets Sustainability Alpha With New Esg-focused Long/short Hedge Fund Launch

3rd Mar 2020 - 10:47am JP Morgan targets sustainability alpha with new ESG-focused long/short hedge fund launch Submitted By Hugh Leask | 03/03/2020 - 10:47am JP Morgan Alternative Asset Management is rolling out a new long/short ESG-focused hedge fund strategy, which aims to generate alpha by trading a range of global sustainability themes – but warns that more work is needed on ESG education within the hedge fund industry.
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