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Latin American VC Investments Triple Record To Pass $15B In 2021

Venture capital investment in Latin America has tripled from last year's record to more than $15 billion as investors invested in startups in areas such as financial technology, online shopping, and real estate.
Read by 66% of LPs October 07, 2021

VCs Say There Are More Startup Opportunities To Chase In Latin America

Regions once overlooked by the venture capital industry are racking up impressive investment totals in recent quarters. African startups were once long ignored by the global VC scene, with totals for the continent's upstart technology companies representing a fraction of the funds made available to other regions' next-generation companies.
Read by 55% of LPs September 14, 2021

SoftBank Announces Second Latin America Fund With At Least $3B

After a dismal stretch in 2019 that culminated in the scrapped IPO of WeWork, SoftBank has reemerged as a major tech investor across the globe, and is now bolstering its bet on a region that's seeding a growing number of valuable companies.
Read by 40% of LPs August 24, 2021

Why Global Investors Are Flocking To Back Latin American Startups

Local VCs are raving about the human capital in the region, but for some global investors, the appeal of Latin America extends beyond the talent to the general populace.
Read by 67% of LPs February 13, 2020

Peru's Startup Scene Is Ready For More

While most of this capital has been directed toward Brazil and Mexico, this surge is starting to have an effect on startups in the region's smaller markets.
Read by 30% of LPs October 16, 2019

Future Returns: Impact Investing In Latin America

Latin America's impact investing market is still emerging, with assets under management of only about $4.7 billion, it's seeing rapid growth.
Read by 56% of LPs August 08, 2019

VC Fuels LATAM 'Unicorns' Expansion Beyond Borders

Surging venture capital investment in Latin American startups has financed international expansion across the region and beyond, as business models that do not require large amounts of capital have helped many firms avoid silos common in the region.
Read by 38% of LPs July 02, 2019

From Seed To Series A: Scaling A Startup In Latin America Today

It's not easy to raise growth-stage capital in Latin America, but it's getting easier. As startups begin to flourish in the region's largest markets, available funding is evolving to suit the needs of these maturing companies.
Read by 52% of LPs April 30, 2019

SoftBank Makes A Huge Bet On Latin America

VC funding in Latin America catapulted to new heights in 2018. Startups located across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and more have secured nearly $2.5 billion since the beginning of 2018.
Read by 30% of LPs March 08, 2019

SoftBank Launches $5B Fund To Invest In Latin America

Japan's SoftBank Group is launching a $5 billion fund to invest in technology companies in Latin America, ramping up its tech ambitions beyond its huge Vision Fund.
Read by 73% of LPs