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GOP Congressman Takes Aim At Harvard’s Potential Endowment Links To Chinese Companies

U.S. Representative Gregory F. Murphy (R-N.C.) called on Harvard to disclose and divest its endowment from any potential holdings in Chinese companies deemed a threat to national security by the federal government in a letter to the school last week. Murphy requested a response from the University by June 23.
Read by 72% of LPs May 20, 2022

Is Climate Tech Hottest Corner Of VC Business In The 2020s?

While government policies and leadership from Washington can help accelerate change, there’s another place that can accelerate change much faster: Silicon Valley.
Read by 76% of LPs December 07, 2021

Push To Get UK Pensions Money Into Private Equity Is Flawed

The UK government seems to want to Build Back Better at any cost. Such is the urgency on this topic that the last reform aiming to get more of savers’ cash into less liquid asset classes like infrastructure and private equity was given all of two months to show results.
Read by 34% of LPs November 30, 2021

How China's Regulatory Crackdown Is The New Normal For Private Equity

China’s central government has sent out strong signals that its regulatory crackdown and its pursuit of common prosperity are not passing fads and the changes it makes to the market are here to stay.
Read by 40% of LPs August 17, 2021

VCs Unfazed By Chinese Regulatory Shakeups (So Far)

In the wake of the scuttling of Ant Group’s IPO, the Chinese government has gone on a regulatory offensive against a host of technology companies.
Read by 41% of LPs February 05, 2021

What Government Agencies Seeking Innovation Could Learn From VCs

In the spirit of the adage that government could learn a lot from businesses, here are some practices and concepts from the VC ecosystem that differ from those found in government, and which some government agencies might be able to embrace.
Read by 37% of LPs January 21, 2021

Private Equity Could Face A Reckoning As Power Shifts In Congress

After years of operating with minimal government intervention, the U.S. private equity industry could face new regulatory scrutiny in 2021 and beyond.
Read by 48% of LPs May 29, 2020

Israel Approves Plan To Draw Institutional Investors To Tech Scene

The government has approved a plan to encourage institutional investors to invest in mature tech companies that have already raised tens of millions of shekels in funding.
Read by 73% of LPs May 06, 2020

Private Equity, Lobbying The U.S. For Help, Is Mostly Hearing ‘No’

When the federal government began extending trillions of dollars in aid to companies and investors battered by the pandemic, some of the country’s biggest private equity firms have lobbied hard to shape the stimulus in their favor.
Read by 71% of LPs April 23, 2020

Institutional investors Warn Hedge Funds On Tapping Small-Business Aid

Institutional investors in Pennsylvania and Alaska are taking a dim view of hedge funds and other asset managers seeking to tap emergency U.S. government money designed for struggling small businesses.
Read by 48% of LPs