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Venture Capital Makes Steady Comeback In Wake Of Pandemic Dip

Venture capital has made a comeback in the eight months since coronavirus stalled the global economy. In the third quarter, VC investments in U.S.-based companies were up 22 percent year-over-year.
Read by 61% of LPs November 03, 2020

Oversight Of Private Equity, Fund Values Set For Overhaul

Private equity funds held by Apollo Global Management Inc. and Blackstone Group Inc. nose-dived by more than 20% in the spring as the pandemic spread across the globe, only to rebound in the second quarter.
Read by 32% of LPs October 29, 2020

VCs Poured Capital Into European Startups In Q3

The global recovery in venture capital activity did not miss Europe. European venture capital activity rose in Q3 2020, putting the continent on pace to set a new yearly record for aggregate VC activity.
Read by 79% of LPs October 23, 2020

Columbia Reports $310M Increase In Endowment During Pandemic

The University has reported a 5.5 percent return rate on its endowment, a figure higher than the previous fiscal year despite the pandemic and resulting global recession.
Read by 73% of LPs October 13, 2020

Private Equity Using New Technologies, Tactics To Deliver Investor Returns

Despite a decrease in global mergers and acquisitions year to date, private equity professionals are leaning into new tactics and technologies, including the use of artificial intelligence, to deliver investor returns.
Read by 50% of LPs August 13, 2020

How VC Funds Help Companies Be Innovative, Competitive During The Pandemic

Many top global corporations, including Amazon and Facebook, have kept their growth rate intact because they have robust innovation programs. These corporations strive to cooperate and collaborate with top startups to remain innovative.
Read by 43% of LPs August 04, 2020

China's Artificial Intelligence Surveillance State Goes Global

Xi Jinping is using artificial intelligence to enhance his government's totalitarian control—and he's exporting this technology to regimes around the globe.
Read by 72% of LPs June 26, 2020

Rollback Of 'Volcker' Rule Allows Banks To Invest In VC

U.S. regulators have finalized a rule change that will allow large banks to invest in venture capital funds, altering the enforcement of an Obama-era regulation meant to curb risky investments following the 2008 global financial crisis.
Read by 54% of LPs June 18, 2020

Why Venture Capital Doesn't Build Things We Really Need

When we have to stay home, Zoom helps us work remotely, DoorDash keeps us fed, and Netflix gives us something to watch. But where was the cure, or the better protective gear, and why hadn't venture capital -- the financial engine of innovation -- funded those ideas?
Read by 30% of LPs June 09, 2020

21% Of Export To U.S. Falls Under Essential Goods, That's Good News For India

Global trade has tumbled as a result of the Covid-19 induced lockdown across the world. With Indian exports in dire straits, Pushkar Mukewar, Co-Founder, Drip Capital talks to ET on how the demand and supply changed for India due to COVID-19, the timeline of expected recovery, and a sliver of hope for India.
Read by 46% of LPs