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France Takes Trip To U.S. To Drum Up Money For VC

France wants to convince U.S. private-equity firms to set up growth funds in Europe, as money at home isn't enough to feed expanding startups that are seeking bigger tickets.
Read by 73% of LPs May 25, 2017

Are Solar, Wind Asset Management Converging?

Increasingly, investors who manage solar assets are taking on wind assets. The level of overlap between the two sectors varies by market. According to GTM Research and SoliChamba's new report on solar asset management, there are numerous countries where top PV investors are also investing in wind. They include Canada with 85 percent, France with 80 percent and India 76 percent. Remarkably, all markets exceed 50 percent, except Chile.
Read by 61% of LPs April 10, 2017

Germany's Merkel Encourages Spain, Portugal To Invest In Solar

German Chancellor Angela Merkel encouraged Spain and Portugal to invest more in solar energy and said they need a better link to France amid a push for a unified European power grid.
Read by 45% of LPs April 06, 2017

Paris-Based Committed Advisors Closes Third Secondary Fund At €1B

Paris-based Committed Advisors, a private equity investment manager, has raised its third secondary fund at a hard cap of 1 billion euros, beating its original target of 750 million euros. The fund’s limited partners include pension plans, financial institutions, family offices and high net-worth individuals across Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. 
Read by 35% of LPs March 24, 2017

Coceral Lifts Bar On EU Wheat Prospects, Citing High Hopes For France

The industry group top forecasts for the EU soft wheat harvest this year. But it is more cautious on barley, rapeseed production prospects
Read by 78% of LPs March 01, 2017

French PE Idinvest Partners Expands To Asia, Opens Shanghai Office

French SME sector focused private equity firm Idinvest Partners has opened a new Shanghai office in a bid to support the internationalisation of its portfolio companies or rather expansion in the Asian markets.
Read by 58% of LPs February 24, 2017

LM Wind Invests In Offshore Wind Sector With New Blade Factory In France

LM Wind announced a new wind-turbine blade factory dedicated to the offshore wind market in Normandy, France. The facility will have the capability to produce the longest blade in the world, the LM 88.4 P. LM Wind expects the operation will grow to a capacity between 1.2 and 2.0 GW. With this potential for significant growth, itWindpower Engineering & Development
Read by 69% of LPs February 21, 2017

CEO Of $60B French PE Firm: Paris Won't Beat London Post-Brexit Because French 'Are Less Financially Minded'

The founder and CEO of $US60 billion French private equity fund Ardian says London will not lose its financial crown to Paris after Brexit.
Read by 39% of LPs January 09, 2017

PE Groups, Foreign Investors Buying Out French Family Businesses

France has some of the world’s best-known family businesses. Names like L’Oreal, LVMH and Hermes are among the most famous. But when it comes to the all-important mid-sized ones, which generate most of an economy’s growth and employment, France falls behind much of the rest of Europe. And their numbers are likely to fall further if the government does nothing to promote them, says a top French financier and business professor.
Read by 35% of LPs December 28, 2016

What It's Like To Be Something Other Than White And Male In The Hedge Fund Business

The money management industry has a diversity problem. Morningstar's global study out earlier this year showed that one in five mutual fund managers is a woman – a rate that hasn't budged since 2008. In the US, that number drops to one in 10. The US is a laggard, far behind countries like Singapore (30%), Portugal (28%) and France (21%). 
Read by 71% of LPs