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Pension Manager Explains Why He Avoids Investments Like Private Equity

A Florida pension has been managed for nearly 50 years by Harold Bowen and then his son. Unlike most managers, they've avoided private equity and other alternatives, preferring stocks and bonds.
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December 06, 2018

Florida SBA's Governance Structure 'Is Really Motivating,' Says Wes Bradle, Senior Portfolio Manager | Q&A

Wes Bradle is a senior portfolio manager in private equity at the Florida State Board of Administration (FSBA), where he currently monitors 18 private equity firms and 36 funds that represent more than $4 billion in committed capital. In this interview, he discusses his greatest lessons learned at CalPERS and how he's leveraged that at Florida SBA; why healthy governance doesn't always mean more governance; and his hopes for a more balanced tone towards public pensions in the near future.
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Bitcoin Fever Hits U.S. Real Estate Market

Bitcoin fever has hit the US real estate market, especially that of Florida, offering foreign investors a way to dodge currency controls at home and US economic sanctions.
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January 06, 2015

Chinese investors flock to Miami's real estate market

New York isn't the only U.S. city looking to cash in on China's real estate investors. Miami is also laying out the red carpet. CCTV America's Nitza Soledad Perez reported this story from Miami.
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Gulf Keystone Gets A Boost From Court Ruling

This ruling comes after Gulf Keystone won the billion-dollar dispute over its oilfields in Iraqi Kurdistan. Excalibur failed, in what has been called an "opportunistic" attempt, to claim a $1.65bn sh...
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Argentines Eye Miami Real Estate

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Climate Change Fuels Miami Real Estate Boom

As a city sitting virtually at sea level, Miami has been called ground zero for the problems posed by climate change, a place where rising sea levels threaten its future existence. The latest forecas...
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Orlando-Based REIT Wants to Buy 19 More Buildings Worth $475M

So much potential that the Orlando-based real estate investment trust is willing to buy 19 other buildings and spend $475 million to get them....
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Boca Raton-Based Real Estate Firm Paid ~$100M for Walgreens Portfolio

"We continue to be successful in identifying and executing on opportunities to strategically expand our portfolio," Chairman Norton Herrick said in a statement....
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Orlando Claimed Over Half the State's Venture-Capital Trove During the Last Quarter

Buoyed by a mobile communications software company's lucrative deal, Central Florida claimed more than half the state's venture-capital trove during the latest quarter, though Florida's overall total...
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