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Opec's Barkindo Condemns Opposition To Oil Investments Threatening Global Energy Security - Businessday Ng

Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, secretary-general of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) says calls to divest from fossil fuels is threatening energy security globally and undermining developing countries' ability to grow their economies at an industry conference in Abuja. The OPEC boss who leaves office next month, said these calls jeopardize efforts to achieve universal, [...] read more OPEC's Barkindo condemns opposition to oil investments threatening global energy security.
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Australians Face Paying Hundreds More In Power Bills As Suppliers Pass On Rises

More Australians face power bills rising by hundreds of dollars as a global energy crunch pushes coal and gas prices higher.
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Nt Utilities Commission Warns Of Future Blackout Risk, Calls For Urgent Energy Grid Investment - Abc News

The NT power sector watchdog has warned of serious hurdles as an ageing power system transitions to a solar-powered, renewable future. So, are more power outages ahead?
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Purchase Bolsters Ube's Clean Energy Drive

Ubon Bio Ethanol Plc (UBE), a manufacturer of cassava-based products, has bought a floating solar farm in Ubon Ratchathani from Bay Wa RE Solar Pte for 82.4 million baht in a move to grow its clean energy business.
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Wind And Solar Provided A Record 10% Of The World's Power Generation In 2021

Per the newly-released BP Statistical Review, fossil fuels still provide the lion's share of global energy demand, but renewables continue to grow at double-digit rates.
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Energy Crisis: Households To Pay $1.5B In Compensation To Power Plants

The cost of avoiding blackouts in last month's energy market chaos will be spread across all households and businesses, but those who can least afford it will likely pay more.
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Us Energy Producers Roast Biden For Demanding 'companies Running Gas Stations' Lower Pump Prices

The U.S. Oil & Gas Association hit back at President Biden on Sunday, saying that the person who a Saturday tweet should take "Econ 101 for the fall semester."
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Jsw Steel To Invest Rs 10k Cr To Increase Use Of Renewable Energy, Reduce Emissions: Sajjan Jindal | The Financial Express

According to a Ministry of Steel document, globally, the iron and steel industry accounts for around 8 per cent of total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In India, it contributes 12 per cent to the total CO2 emissions.
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Jsw Steel To Invest Rs 10,000 Cr To Increase Use Of Renewable Energy: Sajjan Jindal

The company's ongoing expansion projects are oriented towards producing steel with higher use of renewable power, best-in-class digitalisation to achieve operational efficiency and best available technologies to reduce associated CO2 emissions.
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Sen Chuck Grassley Explains Link Between High Food And Energy Prices

Sen. Chuck Grassley connected the dots between exorbitant food prices and energy prices and chimed in on the Senate filibuster debate Friday on "Your World."
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