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Coinbase Misses Out On Dogecoin Listing As Meme Token Rallies 6,000%+ On Binance

Coinbase, the U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange that went public this week with a direct listing of its shares on Nasdaq, is missing out on the latest frenzy whipping up gasps and chortles in digital asset markets: a ferocious rally in dogecoin (DOGE) that has pushed returns on the doggy-faced meme token to more than 6,000% for the year to date. And it's not just the price inducing the saliva.
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Hedge Fund Advisor Sees 'potential' For Exposing Esg Fakes

Hedge fund managers will play a crucial role in figuring out who's not living up to their environmental, social and governance promises, according to an adviser to the industry. Petra Dismorr, chief executive officer of London-based NorthPeak Advisory, spends her time telling hedge funds and private equity firms in the U.S., Asia and London that ESG considerations are key to winning mandates in Europe. She also says hedge funds will ultimately have an edge when it comes to addressing a principle investor concern: policing companies that might not be as clean as they claim.
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Hilco Real Estate Announces The Bid Deadline For A 9,000+- Sf Flex Office/warehouse Condo Unit Near Cleveland, Oh

NORTHBROOK, Ill., April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hilco Real Estate LLC announces the bid deadline of Thursday, May 27 for four condominium units that have been combined into a well-maintained office/warehouse flex space totaling 9,030+- square feet. Built within the Bentley Park Condominiums office complex in 1997, the versatile property sits just off the intersection of U.S. Route 422 and Ohio Route 91, offering easy access to the greater Cleveland area. Located at 29500 Aurora Road in Solon, Ohio, the property is situated on a 5.31+- acre lot with access from both Aurora Road and Cochran Road.
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The Evolution Of Hedge Fund Capital Introduction Events

The evolution of hedge fund capital introduction events Submitted 15/04/2021 - 8:06am Agecroft Partners Contact Form Contact Company By Don Steinbrugge (pictured), Agecroft Partners - Hedge fund capital introduction events, in which investors and fund managers meet in a speed-dating environment, have increased in popularity within the past decade. These events allow participating allocators to review the details of a large number of fund managers, and select a subset of those they would like to meet in a brief one-on-one meeting or group roundtable setting. These can be either intro or update meetings.
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Four Reasons And Three Ways To Begin Investing In Apartments

Apartments are a great investment vehicle to consider for maximizing cash flow and building long-term wealth. : Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Disrupt Equity. Learn more about investment opportunities by visiting our website. It isn't a secret anymore that real estate investing can provide some of the most lucrative and stable returns. I believe apartment investing is one of the most promising options for investors today. The need for affordable housing options is an ever-increasing demand in most urban centers and submarkets around the world.
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Fractional Ownership Of Property Or Reit - What Is Right For You? - The Financial Express

While both instruments are relatively new to investors, they are quickly gaining in popularity because they have finally given retail investors access to commercial real estate.
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How Harlem Capital's Gabby Cazeau Wins Deals In Under Two Weeks

Summary List PlacementAs early-stage fundraising has gotten hotter, VCs have been closing on deals faster -- and things are no different at Harlem Capital, which recently announced a new fund backed by investors such as Apple.The diversity-focused venture fund has cut down its average deal time from 21 days to 14 days over the past year, Harlem Capital principal Gabby Cazeau told Insider. But that doesn't mean the firm has scrimped on vetting the startups it backs, she added.
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Fractional Ownership Giving A Boost To Commercial Real Estate - The Financial Express

Fractional ownership in commercial property has given an opportunity to retail investors to invest smaller sums in India's booming commercial real estate market.
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Rival Group Makes Fully Financed, Roughly $680M Bid For Tribune

A Maryland hotel magnate and a Swiss billionaire have made a bid for Tribune Publishing that the newspaper chain is expected to favor over a takeover deal it already struck with hedge fund Alden Global Capital.
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The Seed 25: The Best Female Early-stage Investors

Summary List PlacementAcross the venture-capital industry, women hold just 16% of the investment-partner roles, according to the National Venture Capital Association's newly published "VC Human Capital Survey." These statistics are gradually improving, up from 11% in 2016. But the low representation means that when panning among the tens of thousands of active seed investors to find the ones who have proven themselves over time, the results will return mostly men. This is not because of skill, but because women have been largely shut out of dealmaking opportunities. That's the situation the Seed 25 set out to solve.
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